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Spontaneous Events Guidelines
  • Your event must not be within the same hour of an official event on the offsite calendar (or the hour before it). - You must advertise your event in the cc as a spontaneous event at least 30 mins prior to it starting (This includes teaching sessions)
  • You must use zer0eventfc and ask members to join it and must also take responsibility for screenshotting the group inside the fc or Group chat itself as the event starts as a form of attendance registry. (only the host needs to take this screenshot, “line” in chat isnt needed)
  • When the event has finished you will also need to state 'screenshot this for event log' to the fc or group chat so others can register their own attendance. 2 screenshots are required:1. The beginning of the event that shows the group/friends chat and the game clock. 2. The second screenshot needs the be taken at the end of the event, It needs to shows the Group/Friends chat with the “screenshot this for event attendance” message shown in the chat box, also ensure that the gameclock is shown to verify the full extent of the event duration.
  • You'll then need to fill out a 'register your attendance' under the events tab on the main page of our offsite, putting in the event end link of the attendance too. Once this is done, fill out THIS page - You cannot restrict the amount of people joining an event unless it's a teaching session (ED1-3, Raids, 7 man AOD and ROTS) Duo Solak and duo/trio Vorago is excluded from this list and does not count as an event at all. (Events must have a minimum of 4 people to count (excludes ed1-3))
  • Events must go for a minimum of 1 hour. You are free to host a 2nd hour but must open the event (no size restriction) for the second hour to count. (don’t forget to put the line in chat and screenshot the group/friends list after the first hour for the people leaving after the 1st hour. Remember to do the same after the 2nd hour.)
  • It is at the Hosts discretion to allow/disallow late comers. Anyone that arrives 30 minutes after the event has started wont be awarded Event Points. We suggest letting late comers join only before the 30 minute mark.
  • You may let someone join after the 30 minute mark but ensure they are aware there attendance wont gain them an event point for that hour. Any host caught attempting to give someone a event point for attending an event for less then 30 minutes will be given a warning. these warnings to not disappear and after your third warning you will lose your right to host spontaneous events

NOTE: When “Group/Friends Chat” is stated it means one or the other. Not both

Big Thank you to Archrys for the help organizing and updating the Spontaneous Event Guidelines