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New clan rule introduced - Merching/price talk

Skye / Apr 21, 2020
After much discussion and deliberation amongst the Staff and Leadership team we have decided to add some new rules which tie into the whole 'no scamming clan members' topic. The rules are as follows:
1. No discussion of merching items in cc or discord where the aim ties to clan members panic (or calculated) buying or selling items.
2. No merching clan members with the intention of making a large profit off of them, this rule has an exception where bulk items with grand exchange limits
This is not a target at any individual clan member but moreso a general issue that has been cropping up more often through the years and a clear rule needs to be put in place. Those who break these rules will receive temporary mutes, warning points and further punishment down the line. The last thing we want to do as staff is police our cc and discord but we want to ensure all clan members are treated fairly and not used as a way to increase one individuals wealth (comes under the respecting all clan members rule). Thankyou for your time reading this and I hope everyone is doing okay! (some asphyx reacts acceptable)


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