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New Prestigious PvM Ranks!

Skye / Jan 31, 2019
Recently you may have seen that PvM Specialists were added to the ranks on discord, these are silver stars in the clan chat and a separate branch from the elite rank itself, the criteria to obtain this rank is listed on the offsite here (, if you feel you have met the criteria for one of the bosses listed, please post an application!

We've done away with the General rank, or at least the name and now bring you the Supreme PvMer Rank (Gold star in clan). This is a step up from the PvM Specialist rank and requires multiple bosses to have been passed from the PvM Specialist list along with some updated requirements. This rank does rquire you to have been in the clan for at least 1 month as part of a clan loyalty aspect. The main dispute over auras has been carefully thought through and I'm pleased to say they have been reduced! You will however be expected to own certain auras to pass your boss trials. Remember TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF AURA SALES.
To find out more about our Supreme PvMer rank and to apply if you think you've got what it takes, check it out here: (

Lastly, to really focus on the PvM aspect of ranks an even greater rank has been introduced above Supreme PvMer. If you feel you've really mastered 6 top-tier bosses from the PvM Specialist boss list, we now introduce the PvM Masterclass rank! This is by far our most prestigious rank to date in the clan and really goes 1 step beyond the rest. This rank will push you to your PvM limits and really show the clan your knowledge and achievements within PvM.
Again, a clan loyalty aspect is also a requirement and so you will need to be in the clan for at least 1 month to apply for this rank.
This rank requires a considerable amount more than the Supreme PvMer rank and details can be found here:
Alternatively you may now see undet the 'Application' tab on the main page, a drop down menu for the new ranks (starting from full member).

Lastly, i've taken in to consideration the aura requirement and event attendance needed for the elite rank, remember, the PvM specialist rank is a separate branch from this rank. The required amount of events attended has been halved from 20 down to 10! 2 months in the clan is required as normal.

Enjoy our latest update and I look forward to seeing some eager clannies rise to the new challenges

A big big thank you to all staff involved in contributing and collaborating ideas towards these new ranks!


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