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Accepted Advanced Applications

Application - Acrysius

- Have you gathered 250m xp in Zer0?:Yes, gathered over 200M xp- How Long have you been in Zer0 for?:aprox 8-9 months- How many events have you attended? (monitored by staff, written down in a google docs document.):exactly 5- Screenshot including...
Small Acrysius 10d
Acrysius588Small Filthydewa 9d
Accepted Advanced Applications

im spilly 2 banana to 3 banana

i got to aaas many event as i cani talk in cc as much as i can to keep it alive i know many roles on many bosses i have all t90 gear with t92 weapons have t99 mage prayer and working on t99 rangeim friendly and talk in discord im on everyday and w...
Member avatar small Im Spilly 29d
Im Spilly477Small Brb Expwaste 29d
Accepted Advanced Applications

Application - Lapua

Joined 27th September 2018Most recent events (all submitted onsite):Corp IFB Mass 12/30/18KK Mass 1/4/19AOD Mass 1/6/19Mole IFB Mass 1/7/19KK Mass 1/11/19Weapons and Perks:, Auras, Prayers:
Small Lapua 43d
Lapua261Small Legend Dary 41d
Accepted Advanced Applications

Application - C M

Hi!Joined October 8, 2017Bipass the vouching with over 250m xp gained in-clan. Most recent events (all submitted onsite): AOD Mass 12/29/18DPS Event 1/3/19KK Mass 1/4/19AOD Mass 1/5/19KK Mass 1/11/19Weapons and Perks:htt...
Member avatar small C M 43d
C M 134Member avatar small C M 43d
Accepted Advanced Applications

Application Full -> Advanced member

Hi!Just attended 5/5 events, last one being today's IFB Helwyr event.Be in the clan for 1 month OR have gained 100M XP while in the clan.Check (in clan since beginning of 2018 IIRC)Have attended atleast 5 official events (monitored by staff, writt...
Member avatar small Super Fr00b 83d
Super Fr00b249Small Brb Expwaste 83d
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