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[Pinned] Only Telos guide you ever need by Retro Reptar

Telos is a great way to meet eligible single ladies in your area cuz you're gonna be loaded as balls after you learn this boss. Also you'll get really good at PVM. Ok here we go.IntroTelos is a solo boss fought in four (and at 100% enrage five) ph...
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Vorago Learning Application

Before you apply please make sure you read though the Vorago In depth Guide Completely Copy and paste the questions below into a new reply on this thread Have you read though the guide completely?:Total kc: Choose 1 of the 4 options for each rota...
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Vorago Learners List

Rotations: Never Done Before Beginner Intermediate Experianced Ceiling collapseDynakinAcrysius E mberyFearStultusRaynexSenScopulusDynakinAcrysiusE mberyFearStultusRaynexSenVitalisDynakinAcrysius E mberyFearStultusRaynexSenGreen bombDynakin...
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Vorago In depth Guide

Vorago is located inside the borehole, located north of Falador. The entrance is only a short distance from the Falador loadstone. To get there u can simply home teleport to Falador or use the Max guild portal. Left clicking the instance will allo...
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Expwaste Raids

Full member rank (2 stripe in clan) requirement to join raids in my teams as new learnerThere will be gear check before raids. No tank armour pieces as dpserYakamaru Pools :Check this one first - Yakamaru video guide by junesong :
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