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[Pinned] Wbs Spies - Kos List

Fouzan - Some enemy of clan member Isha who stalks her worlds 2 alts of fouzan both low lvl ( Rizzu and another almost similar spelling)Members of clan No Stake Zone (cpk) who guest and leave to find worlds to skull trick at chaos ele/ revs/ lava ...
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Zer0 wbs guide by Sam N Stuff

Zer0 wbs guide 2014/2015Zer0 wbs has changed a bit and now works with permanent adds. The Guide itself does not get updated anymore,...
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Zer0 Warbands Guide For Looters by rsn : YEO

Zer0 Wbs Guide (For Looters)Below will be a guide recommended for looters, if you're new to warbands, this guide might be helpful to you.1. Camp Locations2. Gear3. Inventory4. Ability BarDuring warbands, camps will be spawn in 3 locations in the w...
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