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Drop/Personal Logs

Ermanzego's pvm story

Ermanzego's PvM Drop LogI will post here all high lvl boss drops i got since i joined Zer0.  I hope i'll manage to get 1 of each for Kk/Nex/Vorago/Rots/RaidsThe drops will be either cs or ffa, but will try to get them ffa (the msg in chat looks se...
Small Ermanzego 25d
Ermanzego4104Small Ermanzego 15d
Drop/Personal Logs

Road to 60k Nex

So I'm not going to make a huge drop log post or anything. This will show the progress from today to whenever i get my 60,000th nex kill. I'll sell everything and turn it into spirit shards to see how much overall was made. Wish me luck. Every Tri...
Small Nex Splits 61d
Nex Splits11283Small Saint Gher 58d
Drop/Personal Logs

Erman's Road to IFB

ERMANZEGO'S INSANE FINAL BOSS REQS- last update on 26/03/2017Personal Side Goal : Eddimu pet Side Goal : 200M Slayer Exp :  Currently 200,000,000 exp / 200m - Achieved on 6th August 2017
Small Ermanzego 99d
Ermanzego2131Small Ermanzego 80d
Drop/Personal Logs

Brb Expwaste drop log

Updated Mar 02, 2018 [Yaka Feats and unlocked Daredevil][ATN][Poison][Asphyx][Rewind] X57 :tem...
Small Brb Expwaste 102d
Brb Expwaste4186Small Brb Expwaste 92d
Drop/Personal Logs

Sai's Drop Log

Current progress - end up uploading everything over here at some point later.
Small Sai 99d
Sai151Small Sai 99d
Drop/Personal Logs

Filthydewa's Completed Drop Logs

Small Filthydewa 99d
Filthydewa277Small Filthydewa 99d
Drop/Personal Logs

Brb Expwaste Pets drop log

[Boss pets][Qbd pet][Kreearra pet][KBD pet][nex pet][Bandos pet]https://i.imgur....
Small Brb Expwaste 102d
Brb Expwaste160Small Brb Expwaste 102d
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