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Inactive / Leaving

Quit RS3

I've been inactive for several months now; I started playing OSRS again, and I've come to the conclusion that I won't be returning to RS3.
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PvM Section

Vence's learner teams

I'll post here everytime I go with a learner team in clan :) To keep track of whom I teach and so these people can go with each other
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PvM Section

Elite Dungeons guides by Sanshine, melee solo walkthrough also applicable for other styles to some extent, melee solo walkthrough
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Appeals Process

WildDitto Appeal

Hey,I'm listed as a retired member now, I think this was due to inactivity as I had been away for a good few months and hadn't posted that I would be away.I'd love to rejoin as I'm back to playing again and am looking to continue pvming and enjoye...
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Ranch out of Time + 120 farm/herb

Release Date: Nov. 25thGrace Period: It has been extended from 6 months to coincide Archaeology's grace period (so around July).Certain achievement grace periods also follow this.Period of post-release to do look at more feedback and implement stu...
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Inactive / Leaving


Ofcourse, I gotta go on holiday, again :)Gone for a week, starting 20th of july. Surfing and relaxing in Spain.Ciao.
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Drop/Personal Logs

lost magic clue scrolls

Here i post my 1m+ clues.
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Thoms Introduction

Hello,23 old lad from Scandinavia. Working with IT Development.Played RuneScape for as long as I can remember. I believe I started playing my first own account when I was about 8-9 years old. So about 2004-2005.Been on and off. Was a "big" PvPer i...
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General Chat

Rank up

I want to rank from 2 banana to 3 bannaa how do i do it?
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dragondoggy introduction

Hey there I'm dragondoggy, im 30 and when I'm not out with my hounds or spending time with my family you can catch me afking slayer or bossing.Haven't really done much with clans as I was always focused hard on maxxing and juggling life but now I ...
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Inactive / Leaving


Hi all. I'm going to be inactive in the upcoming 3 weeks. I won't be able to come online on weekdays, since I'll be in special training. Gotta start Monday morning at 4 AM, then come home on Friday evening. This for 3 weeks continuously. During th...
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Rules & Requirements

Highly Recommended Gear

The Following are not a requirement to join. But are highly recomended to have; Full Ancient Ceremonial Robes 200+ doses of Adrenaline & Prayer Renewal OR Replenishment & Supreme Overload Salves Onslaught Ability Enhanced Excalibur Go...
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Drop/Personal Logs

Road to 60k Nex

So I'm not going to make a huge drop log post or anything. This will show the progress from today to whenever i get my 60,000th nex kill. I'll sell everything and turn it into spirit shards to see how much overall was made. Wish me luck. Every Tri...
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Mastor introduction

I'm Rutger also known as mastor/ttd 19 years old when writing this and I'm from the Neterlands.I 've been playing RuneScape since 2007-2008 and played mostly for pvp back in the day. I discovered pvming about 5 years ago, shortly after I first joi...
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PvM Section

Vorago In depth Guide

Vorago is located inside the borehole, located north of Falador. The entrance is only a short distance from the Falador loadstone. To get there u can simply home teleport to Falador or use the Max guild portal. Left clicking the instance will allo...
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Rules & Requirements

Requirements & Rules

Clan Skill level requirements- 137+ Combat- 99 Attack- 99 Strength- 99 Magic- 99 Ranged- 99 Defence- 99 Summoning- 95+ Prayer- 98+ HerbloreClan Gear RequirementsTo join Zer0 PvM you must show at least one item out of each set;Zaros Godsword OR Du...
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Erwin Introduction

Hi there,New site, might as well start off with a new introduction :)I'm Erwin, I'm 28 years old (when writing this, last intro I made I stated I was 21..) and I'm from The Netherlands.I've been playing Runescape since 2004 and I've been in quite ...
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PvM Section

Expwaste Raids

Full member rank (2 stripe in clan) requirement to join raids in my teams as new learner. 170k DPM tags on discord mandatory to join for everyone - only range allowed for learners.There will be gear check before raids. No tank armour pieces as dps...
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Drop/Personal Logs

Sai's Drop Log

Current progress - end up uploading everything over here at some point later.
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Drop/Personal Logs

Filthydewa's Completed Drop Logs

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