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[Pinned] History of Zer0 PvM

History of Zer0 PvMThis clan was founded under the name of 'Zer0 Tolerance' in September 2010, the meaning was simple, everyone was required to take part in making the clan feared, a strict set of rules were made that had to be sticked to and ever...
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Hall of Fame

[Pinned] Zer0 Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Zer0 PvM Hall of Fame!In this topic, a few of the most outstanding, helpful, loyal and overall best members of Zer0 PvM are displayed. They have earned their spot here by working hard for the Zer0 PvM community, doing their best at ...
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Off topic / Forum Games

[Pinned] Count to 10 before a leader posts

Title explains it basically.Post till #10. Resets if a leader posts.Good luck.Times beaten : 2
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[Pinned] Count to 1M
Off topic / Forum Games

[Pinned] Count to 1M

Person that posts the 1.000.000th post on this thread, gets a lifetime membership to Runescape.Good luck.
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Appeals Process

[Pinned] RMA Appeal - Skye

Example post:I originally left Zer0 PvM because...I wish to rejoin Zer0 PvM because...
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Appeals Process

[Pinned] Application of appeal to rejoin Zer0 PvM

This section is for appeals to rejoin only.Retired must appeal members are required to give a reason as to why they wish to rejoin Zer0. You are listed as must appeal due to minor concerns when last leaving the clan, in a majority of cases this ma...
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[Pinned] Post count game
Off topic / Forum Games

[Pinned] Post count game

Last one to post, wins.
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[Pinned] How to Screenshot

For anyone who doesn't know how to screenshot and make a link to it, this will be a step by step guide to doing it correctly and quickly.STEP 1Take screenshots. This can be done by clicking the 'Prt Sc/sys rq' button on your keyboard.You will need...
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PvM Section

[Pinned] Only Telos guide you ever need by Retro Reptar

Telos is a great way to meet eligible single ladies in your area cuz you're gonna be loaded as balls after you learn this boss. Also you'll get really good at PVM. Ok here we go.IntroTelos is a solo boss fought in four (and at 100% enrage five) ph...
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[Pinned] Zer0 PvM Rank System

Zer0 PvM Rank System In order to rank up in Zer0 PvM, you must interact with the Clan by attending events, PvMing, creating guides, and many more things. You must post all of your activity on your rankup log in order for it to count. Novice Membe...
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Appeals Process

Appeal to be unbanned.

Hey there guys.Wanting to rejoin the clan. I was under the impression I got kicked after a hack for not having the reqs anymore, but it seems an admin actually banned me for things i dont remember.Would like to appleal this decision and reapply t...
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Drop/Personal Logs

Salts Drop Log!

Hey guys! So for the year of 2021 I want to streak an ED2 chest until 1/1/22, I think it could be cool to post drops in here, keep a little log! Wish me luck ;)
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Cosaitis Re-application

Hello, I was a member of this clan before but had to go inactive due to irl circumstances.I'm getting back into the game and would like to re-join the clan.
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S abbath reapplication

I was in this clan about a year ago before IRL circumstances made me go rather inactive. I had left the clan to allow space for other new recruits, but would enjoy coming back as I have been back to Runescape for about a month.
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Inactive / Leaving

Inactive due to IRL work commitments

hi all.I’m going to be away for a few weeks to a few months maybe with work. So I’m going to be slightly inactive during this period. Apologies in advance but I plan on still being active when I can.
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Inactive / Leaving

Holiday leave 17 August - 5 September

I will be inactive 17 August - 5 September included
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Inactive / Leaving

Inactive for the summer

Hello, Zer0 communityI'm addressing this because I would not like my inactivity to cause me to be removed from the CCI'm taking a fast-track calculus class over the summer semester and we are incredibly understaffed at work due to COVID-related co...
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Drop/Personal Logs

Nex Splits Road to max XP

So I've recently came back to Runescape and PvM is fun and all, but I've had my fair share of countless hours at bosses and grinding for drops. I want to take my focus to another part of Runescape and leave my mark in ranks in the high scores! I'l...
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Drop/Personal Logs

Ermanzego's pvm story

Ermanzego's PvM Drop LogI will post here all high lvl boss drops i got since i joined Zer0.  I hope i'll manage to get 1 of each for Kk/Nex/Vorago/Rots/RaidsThe drops will be either cs or ffa, but will try to get them ffa (the msg in chat looks se...
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Drop/Personal Logs

Erman's Road to IFB

ERMANZEGO'S INSANE FINAL BOSS REQS- last update on 26/03/2017Personal Side Goal : Eddimu pet Side Goal : 200M Slayer Exp :  Currently 200,000,000 exp / 200m - Achieved on 6th August 2017
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