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Release Date: Nov. 25th

Grace Period: It has been extended from 6 months to coincide Archaeology's grace period (so around July).

Certain achievement grace periods also follow this.

Period of post-release to do look at more feedback and implement stuff and fix bugs.

New tweaks to training methods and new ways to do it.

It wouldn't feel good if they were released in batches as Farm/Herb compliment each other.

Ranch Out of time
Travel: Teleport via a Magical Tree on the West coat of Anacronia or via the Farming Guild.

NPCs: Prehistoric Potterington, Dog (collection log), 3 Collectors

Aniphi (gnome) - Frog collector

Pens: 1 Small, 1 Medium, 2 Large, 1 Breeding.

Other: Seasonaliser

Other Information

The Beans currency is shared between the Manor and the Ranch farms shops.

Players will NOT get a pen for free.

It will not launch with farmhands as we want players to be interactive rather than passive.

There are no current plans to change this stance.

Magic Beans are being replaced by Supreme growth potions.

Magic Beans will be refunded into an item that can traded for beans.

The refund isn't being applied to ones obtained from premier/other sources, instead it will covert into the new potions.

Supreme Growth potions instantly grow a patch.


Breeds (including Shiny): 5 Frogs, 5 Salamanders, 11 Jadinkos, 4 of each BGH Dino.

Corbicula Rex/Gelum/Malum

Oculi Apoterrasaur ''/Glacies/Oceanum

You can obtain all breeds through regular breeding.

Seasons/Traits do not affect the type of breed.

There are no complex breeding chains like with Dragons.

The Ravensworn trait is still obtainable but there aren't any achievements tied to it.

There are no unique traits for them.

BGH Dinosaurs are all separate. (Corbicula Rex can only breed with a Corbicula Rex, not with a Bagrada Rex).

Growth rates will continue on from dragons, so you can expect them to be an extension of that.

Breeding rates, they will be in a similar area to dragons.

Extracting from Corb Rex gives you - Bottled Dinosaur roar (other dinos give other things).

Dedication is the key to victory.
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Money Tree

Patch is located next the Manor/Farming Guild.

Growth Time: 2 Days (immune to disease).

Rewards: 60K XP & 3 Cash Bags - Each give between 333-500K gp (1-1.5M gp total)

Drop Sources

New Seeds: BGH T1-3, Elite/Master clues, pickpocketing rogues, Triskelion keys, harvesting jadinkos, Lost Grove creatures

Money Tree Seeds: Birds nests, Crystal chest (prif/taverly), Harvesting POF animals, Harvesting/checking health of crops, Triskelion keys, Farmer requests.

(seed = untradeable)

Farming Guild
Location: Player Owned Farm

New Content

Dino Farm Teleport - Manor upstairs

Farming Reputation

Money Tree Patch

Bloodwood Tree Patch

Spirit Tree Patch

Remote Farming Device

Farming Requests

Farming Reputation

Farming Guild Requests

3 Farm NPCs (Easy, Medium, Hard) will be located outside the Farming Guild.

Easy - Daily cycle | Medium - 3 Day cycle | Hard - 7 Day cycle

They will request various things related to Farming: Seeds, Produce, and Animals

Players will have similar request, but not the exact same. (Same seed but different amounts).

Rewards: Farming Reputation, Unique themed reward, Brassica Primer

They don't award XP.

Brassica Primer Effect- You will now recieve a 10% XP boost when checking the health of Farming patches for 15 minutes.

Easy - 1/5 Chance | Medium - 1 Guaranteed | Hard - 3 Guaranteed


Pre-release Animal Drop Rates will be made more common.

Seed Storage: We looked into but there were problems on the tech side due to the sheer number of seeds.

We considered a small batch but determined it was either do it for all seeds or none.

Achievement - Buying everything from the new shop (no grace period).

Future combat encounters will take into account new food.

Seedicide does not give Farm Rep.


There are no plans for more extended potions.

Vulnerability Bombs could splash but since an AOE over-time it has multiple attempts to hit per use.

Leveling Benefits:

Obtain more extract per pulp, "i believe this happens twice but i can't tell you the numbers"

2 for each Bomb and Powerburst, unlocked at different levels.

The first benefit for each makes the potion faster

the second benefit for each reduces one or more ingredients

Charming Potion will only work with PvM due to issues implementing it with familiarisation.

This will be fixed in post-release.

Dedication is the key to victory.
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28,200 beans total for unlocking all pens and breeding
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