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History of Zer0 PvM
This clan was founded under the name of 'Zer0 Tolerance' in September 2010, the meaning was simple, everyone was required to take part in making the clan feared, a strict set of rules were made that had to be sticked to and everyone needed to have a full requirement set with no exceptions.

It was MENACE O_o's idea to form this clan as there were a lot of problems in his previous clan (W77CrashUnit), he later convinced StylezDeLuxe to co-lead with him and many others from W77 followed. At first when Zer0 was made, there was a lot of rivalry between us and W77, some might even say it was the clan's first goal, to kill W77. In the long term this made it easier to achieve a longer term goal; to be an elite pvm clan, killing off threats such as crash clans helped make it easier for clan members to camp bosses.

First Requirements
- 135+ cb
- 99 Atk/str
- 95 Prayer
- 89 Herb (exts)
- 69 Summ (88 reccomended)
- Bandos Tass+Torso Min
- Fury
- Claws/Zs
- Gs/Chaotic
- Berserker/Warrior + barrows gloves

Past and present communication methods
IRC Channel
Before clan chats IRC was the main communcation method for most clans including Zer0, IRC was mandatory, the current channel still has the same name which is #zer0tolerance ... but is much less active today due to Clan Chats getting introduced.

Friend's Chat (Clan Chat back then)
Before Clan Chats Zer0 used friend's chat, with a much simpler ranking system than today;
Smiley - Trial Member
1 Stripe - 1 Week Member
2 Stripe - Member
3 Stripe - Advanced
Bronze, Silver Stars - Staff Ranks
General - Leaders

Clan Forums (Offsite)
Zer0's first site did not last very long as a few members back then decided to backstab the clan and delete it. This current site was made November 2010, once again though the content was all deleted by Luke PvM this time who also went on to change the password of the Zer0_PvM Friend's Chat and delete all ranks. Afterwards we used some forums which were made by a former member, Leo, however due to the lack of reliability (Server which Dced 24 7) we moved back to this site and thankfully we have stuck to it since October 2011, it was however deleted once but a backup had been made and we were back up within hours.

Clan Chat
Clan Chats was an update mid 2011, it gave clans a lot more tools and meant we didn't need some of the 3rd Party tools we had to use in the past such as IRC and RuneHead (memberlist). This is now the main way of communicating, and every member is required to be a member of it. After a few days of inviting clan members to it, we had 90 members.

Teamspeak is a form of communication that was introduced to us midd 2012. Erwin set up the server, where members can use mics to talk with each other while bossing or just to simply socialize. It can hold up to 25 members at a time and is reccomended over Skype if you want to talk with clan mates.

A good track record at wars in general.. our only losses have been in full-out wars, all 10v10, 20v20, 30v30 etc have been won by us (up to 30 of them).
~ will add list here of records I can recall ~

Past Leaders
MENACE O_o - Menace also known as Nat to clan members lead Zer0 for over 2 years. He was the original owner and founder of Zer0. Menace might not have been very active most of the time but he was a brave leader, as a leader you have to make a lot of decisions for the best of the clan.

StylezDeLuxe - StylezDeLuxe was one of the founder of zer0 along with Menace, he was known as the pedo of zer0 :s. During 2010-early 2011 he led zer0 to many war victories. After leaving for a few months stylez came back to zer0 and did the same over again. Not only was stylez an amazing asset to the clan he was also an exceptional pvmer, making billions from killing bosses over the years, probably the richest I know who didnt stake for gp. He was also very active in the clan chat, always happy to help people and ofc perving. During his time in zer0 he also did quite abit of admin work on the site, thanks to him we have a reliabable site since oct 2011 after going through about 5 in a matter of months.

Luke PvM - A leader of zer0 in the early days. After going inactive for a while and coming back with an empty bank he sadly turned emo and took his anger out on the clan. Deleting the site and hacking the clan FC were one of the few things that he did which earned him a place on the banlist.

W 4 R D E N - Warden used to be a leader of zer0 during early 2011. During this time he was very active and would make sure every ac was done. If you were at bandos you would know that Warden was always out there crashing. He was also a very kind and cheerful person. Patryk now has a child to take care of and has quit RS because of it.

Asylum - Stepped up when a few members decided to form another clan. During this time he helped a lot to keep the clan stable and step in when needed. Sadly Asylum's activity meant he had to step down as leader, he has since quit RS.

littlerarge - The guy that has always stood behind Zer0 for as long as anyone can remember. Littlerarge is truely a remarkable person. Strong, dedicated, intelligent and friendly are just a few examples of character where he stands out in. Without Littlerarge, Zer0 PvM wouldn't have gotten to many points it has been in the past, nor would it be where it is today, Little's words of wisdom is what has kept zer0 going during very dark times. Littlerarge likes working behind the scenes, giving advice to those in need of it and stepping in when other staff can't handle it. Littlerarge was seen as 'the father' of Zer0 PvM and we are grateful to have had him with us.

The Ocean - Lead Zer0 PvM for a few months. To some his humor was unique, while some understood it other didn't. However The Ocean was not a fighter and left zer0 when he was criticized for his attitude. He has since earned a place on the banlist after scamming a past leader, Warden.

Thorn - Thorn lead zer0 for a few months, during this time he was extremely active. Sadly leading a clan was too much for him and he decided to leave Zer0.

Hardstylez - Hardstylez did a lot of work on zer0's offsite while he was a leader. However his contribution in-game meant he got deranked leading to him leaving.

Owain O_o - Current leader of zer0 pvm since January 2012

Erwin - Current leader of zer0 pvm since February 2012

DonaldDuckk - Duck worked a lot for his rank however becoming a leader was his downfall. The power became too much for him, he did not believe in 'trial and error' and because of this he left. He along with a few of his friends caused a lot of trouble after leaving and are still obsessed with the clan, moving on I am guessing is hard for him.
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