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Welcome to the Zer0 PvM Hall of Fame!

In this topic, a few of the most outstanding, helpful, loyal and overall best members of Zer0 PvM are displayed. They have earned their spot here by working hard for the Zer0 PvM community, doing their best at AC's and helping the staff lead this clan to the maximum potential.

In order to get a special mention in the Hall of Fame, there are a few rules.
The person must have been in Zer0 PvM for a minimum of 3 years and be Zer0 Hero rank or higher.
Previous warnings/strikes/behavior will be taken into account
75% of Staff must nominate someone to be added to the Hall of Fame
Majority of Leaders must approve a nominated person to be added
Only Leaders and Co-Leaders may be able to write down new names in the Hall of Fame. Any Leader or Co-Leader may also add new information to someone's name as some people in the Hall of Fame are still in Zer0 PvM.
The Hall of Fame of Zer0 PvM can be found in the post below.

Zer0 PvM 2017 Awards - Clan Member of the Year - Most helpful Leader - Best Spontaneous Event Host - Best Teacher - Best all round PvMer - Best Tank - Best DPSer - Most Active Member - Richest Member - Funniest Rage Quitter

Zer0 PvM 2016 Awards - Clan Member of the Year - Most helpful staff member - Best event attendant - Most active member - Best Teacher - Most GP Gains

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Zer0 PvM Hall of Fame:

By Erwin:
The guy that has always stood behind Zer0 for as long as anyone can remember. Littlerarge is truely a remarkable person. Strong, dedicated, intelligent and friendly are just a few examples of character where he stands out in. Without Littlerarge, Zer0 PvM wouldn't have gotten to many points it has been in the past, nor would it be where it is today, Little's words of wisdom is what has kept zer0 going during very dark times. Littlerarge likes working behind the scenes, giving advice to those in need of it and stepping in when other staff can't handle it. Littlerarge is seen as 'the father' of Zer0 PvM and we are grateful that he's here with us!

By Erwin:
Owain is and was always a great example of activity. Owain's contribution to Zer0 PvM is outstanding. With most posts on the Zer0 forums, countless AC's on his name and all his work in the staff section of the clan, he is truly a great leader. Even though he's currently the youngest leader, his mature attitude shows he's ready for any situation that comes on his path.

Aug 26 2014, By Mike:
Erwin, one of the 4 current leaders of zer0. Despite his inactivity lately due to: work, a hip injury and the ladies. Erwin is always here and prepared to help. His effort and perseverance has lead to the creation of our offsite and also our teamspeak server. His maturity has made this clan set a mark within this community and made it rise above the occasion. This legend is also known for being the sexiest member of Zer0. With his recent operation succeeded he has a bright future to go and we all support him till the very end. that's more than enough reason this name should be here and stay here.

Menace O o
By Erwin:
Although Nathan has left Zer0 PvM by being inactive for ~5 months and then return to runescape to crash Zer0, he should still be acknowledged for his work in our clan, in the past.
Nathan was known for being the cool, hated-by-most bandos crasher. His way of running Zer0 PvM was very much alike. He wanted his way and he gets his way. Lucky for Zer0 PvM in the beginning, his way was the right way and Zer0 started to grow.
Menace managed to lead Zer0 PvM all the way to the #1 PVM spot. From there, it was getting harder, with Pro S Only pushing Zer0 PvM back. Menace needed help.
He will always be known as the 'stoned' owner of Zer0 PvM. In the end, this was his fall. Menace went inactive for a long time and Zer0 had to keep breathe for a long time without it's owner. After 5 months, after several attempts to come back to zer0, menace threw the towel in the ring and stepped down.

By Erwin:
Eren is a very active zer0 member. He has always been one of the best at making sure people stick to rules and making the clan chat a friendly place to be in. Eren has always been there for zer0 when things were bad. Eren is also one of the best staff members that makes the most effort to socialise within the clan chat.

Warden used to be a leader of zer0 during early 2011. During this time he was very active and would make sure every ac was done. If you were at bandos you would know that Warden was always out there crashing.

By Erwin:
Cura has been one of the most outstanding Co-Leaders of Zer0 PvM. Although most don't know that he's done most of his great work before he became Co Leader. When Zer0 was started to slump and people were starting to leave, Cura was there to strengthen the staff team to cope with it. His words and help were able to keep the staff focussed and concentrated on the problem. When he was rewarded for his great help, he became a great Co-Leader. The suggestions to improve Zer0 PvM, the ways of making people active and his ways to find & remove inactives and leechers from our clan were simply great. Cura always thought about things to improve and he always contacted staff about it.
His posts in staff (and also posts towards the members) were so detailed and expanded, we'd hardly have any questions left.
During the absence of a leader, he contacted them with all needed updates regarding the clan, to keep them updated too about what is going on. Was great to have had you here CURA.

Sublime 0_o
Sublime has been one of the most outsanding acer's when i joined Zer0 i seen him as the first person to ask for the ac. Some only people think of him as a great person towards Zer0 because of the All of the acing he has done for the clan in the past 1-2 Years of Zer0, Yet he has gone very inactive the past 9-10 months. He is one of my good friends yet he is on like he used 2 be because of the sof updates and such, which made him ragequit and go to other stuff i life. hopefully one day before eoc he will come back and be the "KING OF AC".

Most of you probably dont know him but before he quit around a year ago he was one of the best all round zer0 members. Active pvmer, acer, recruiter. He was best known for his work on zer0's old youtube channel with almost daily videos while he was active.

StylezDeLuxe was one of the founder of zer0 along with Menace, he was known as the pedo of zer0 :s. During 2010-early 2011 he led zer0 to many war victories. After leaving for a few months stylez came back to zer0 and did the same over again. Not only was stylez an amazing asset to the clan he was also an exceptional pvmer, making billions from killing bosses over the years, probably the richest I know who didnt stake for gp. He was also very active in the clan chat, always happy to help people and ofc perving. During his time in zer0 he also did quite abit of admin work on the site, thanks to him we have a reliabable site since oct 2011 after going through about 5 in a matter of months.. thats about it i think!

by Littlerarge:
Every challenge we set you excelled at, never afraid to ask or suggest new ideas it was a pleasure to have you in the clan top,if nobody knew how old you was they would be pleasantly surprised a maturity beyond your years one that will take you far in life. My only regret is that i never got to know you more as a person during your earlier time in zer0 but we can't befriend everybody just be there when they need us. But there a few people in zer0 like yourself that shows me the future is in good hands of are next generation,so thank you mikis now go work hard and play harder and you will get your just rewards, never has there been a more deserving person.
mucho little luv x

By Erwin:
Lacrymosa is one of the people that have been in zer0 pvm longer than probably anybody else (without leaving). This great loyalty to the clan is one of the many aspects we respect him alot for. Leading the events team in our clan for a damn long time and good at it too, Lacrymosa currently strengthens our clan issues section. Even though Lacrymosa has a hard time 'wrapping' his comments/feedback in a positive way, we also appreciate his input into this clan.

Can I get In
By Erwin:
Can I get In, known to many of us as John, has been around in zer0 for long too. He climbed the ranks up to the position of co-leader and from there helped run this clan. John is one of the most active posters on our offsite and always up for a good laugh. He's basically one of the basic assets of zer0 pvm, one of the bricks that make this clan the way it is. Without john no zer0 the way it is :)

1 sens fan
By Erwin:
Sens has been, same as Can I get In, one of the primary assets of Zer0 PvM. Sens has worked himself up to co-leader aswell and still remains there. Empowering the leadership team with his own inputs and a beast at PvM, sens cannot be missed in our clan.

Cmunk Alvin
By Erwin:
Cmunk Alvin has been with zer0 for a loooong time. And for as long as I can remember, he's also done the role of media guy in the clan. Because of Alvin, we've had the pleasure of our own Youtube Droplog, Zer0 promo videos and recently even our own podcast. Anything media related, feel free to ask Alvin about it!

Tekkers v2
By Erwin:
Tekkers has shown his real leadership abilities only recently, before that he's been a valuable asset of our staff team by simply helping members out and just do what he has to do. After being voted most helpfull staff member, the leadership team decided we really need someone like tekkers in our team. And that's where tekkers is now!

Sir Norfolk1
By Erwin:
Norfolk has only been part of zer0's staff team for a small period, but the reason for his place in this hall of fame is his loyalty and contribution to Zer0, as a member. Norfolk is one of those members that are part of the inner core of a clan. He's one of those that will stay with Zer0 at any given time. Even when it's not going too very well with the clan. For that we are grateful.

Zer0 Snow
By Erwin:
Snow has also been part of the staff team for some time, but most of his time he's been around as a regular member. The reason for his mention here is his hard work on the GFX departement. Snow has made most of our banners, personal signatures, award signatures and requirement pictures. Thanks for this, snow!

Id yak that
By Erwin:
Id yak that, Justin. Before he left us for the 07 servers, he used to be one of our anticrash coordinators. While being very active in this department, Id yak that even led his own 'team' within zer0, dedicated to (anti)crashing. This team, Bricksquad, became a term to be frightened of, if you are not in Zer0 PvM. Thanks to Id yak that's effort, no AC was left undone while he was online.

Majin Zaros
By Erwin:
Zaros has been in Zer0 for quite a while and he's been one of those people you just cannot miss being around. Very active, very helpful and always up to improve the clan. Zaros became the first Activity Coordinator of Zer0 and took this job very seriously. At times, too serious. Even though he's had his ups and downs in the clan, we've always respected him the way he is and zer0 wouldn't be the clan it is today without him. We'd miss our lines of ===== Stay active on our offsite and teamspeak server! ======.

By Erwin:
I had to make this, because he's been bugging me about it for too long (No people, don't start bugging me for a spot on here now, not doing it).
Mike has been part of the Zer0 pvm staff for quite a while and has always shown great dedication to the clan. Always working his ass off at any time of rank/job he's given, Mike has proven himself to be worth alot. Currently on the clan issues team of this clan, Mike will always deal with problems in a mature and logical way. Wondering where this will take him later on!

Ceo Lorenzo
By Sam N Stuff:
I think I can speak for the most of us that Lorenzo deserved his place on the hall of fame for being a very helpfull person in general, was always willing to help people, and could always have a chat with him about all kinda topics :p
Although Lorenzo has a lot of friends, he always was neutral in clan issues (issues in the clan in general) and stood up for his own opinion, and didn't do what others wanted him to :p
Lorenzo has been in zer0 for a very long time, and did a great staff job, and helped where he was needed. From coordinating the Citadel till hosting events, Lorenzo did his best to improve Zer0 PvM

Brb Expwaste
By Erwin:
Legendary doesn't even cut it. This guy is more than that. He's been leading the zer0 wbs fc for as long as anyone can remember. He's always around. One of the most active staff members and since late, co leader. He's always teaching members how to Raids and will take just about anyone. Unbiased and friendly. BRB has definately earned his place up here.

Zer0 PvM 2017 Awards - Clan Member of the Year - Most helpful Leader - Best Spontaneous Event Host - Best Teacher - Best all round PvMer - Best Tank - Best DPSer - Most Active Member - Richest Member - Funniest Rage Quitter

Zer0 PvM 2016 Awards - Clan Member of the Year - Most helpful staff member - Best event attendant - Most active member - Best Teacher - Most GP Gains

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