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This section is for appeals to rejoin only.

Retired must appeal members are required to give a reason as to why they wish to rejoin Zer0. You are listed as must appeal due to minor concerns when last leaving the clan, in a majority of cases this may be due to some minor dispute, leaving on negative terms or concerns over leaving multiple times or other reasons.

If you where kicked from Zer0 Pvm, you will be able to appeal the kick the same way.

If you wish to appeal a ban and/or blacklist, contact a member of our staff+ team for more information. Keep in mind that in most banned/blacklisted cases, making an appeal is impossible.

Please give a detailed appeal as to why you wish to rejoin Zer0 PvM in the 'Appeals' section (page before this, click on 'add thread') of the forums under the 'Retired Member Appeals' Secton.

Once your appeal has been posted, it will be hidden to all but Clan issues/Leaders to determine a decision. You will then be messaged via the offsite once a decision has been made.
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