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Just attended 5/5 events, last one being today's IFB Helwyr event.

Be in the clan for 1 month OR have gained 100M XP while in the clan.

Check (in clan since beginning of 2018 IIRC)

Have attended atleast 5 official events (monitored by staff, written down in a google docs document. Make sure you fill in the Event Attendance form, found on in the menu on this site).
Check -> updated Event Attendance form

Must have the following abilities: Onslaught, Shatter and Storm Shards
Aura Options;


Option 1: 1 Zerk Aura, 1 T4 DPS Auras and 1 of the following Dark Magic, Penance, Vampyrism
Check -> link above

Option 2: 1 Zerk Aura, 1 T4 DPS Auras and 1 t99 prayer

Check -> link above

Must have 3 vouches from 3 members of Zer0 PvM who are elite rank or higher, that you've pvmed with at the following bosses: Nex, Kalphite King, GWD2 bosses, GWD1 Hardmode bosses, ROTS, Beastmaster Durzag, Yakamaru, Vorago and Araxxor. This vouch is based on your overal performance at 3 different bosses. Getting succesful kills as a role is the main guideline. Simply pvm with an elite member or higher and tell them you're looking for a vouch to get ranked up. The members that vouch for you must confirm the vouch on your application. You can bypass the 3-vouch system by gaining 250M xp in the clan.
Comped, got all boss kills at least once, with clan:
BM & Yaka: Brb Expwaste
KK & Helwyr: Marshology
Nex: Daddy Z
#13913808 Dec 02, 2018 at 04:59 PM
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Zer0 PvM 2017 Awards - Clan Member of the Year - Most helpful Leader - Best Spontaneous Event Host - Best Teacher - Best all round PvMer - Best Tank - Best DPSer - Most Active Member - Richest Member - Funniest Rage Quitter

Zer0 PvM 2016 Awards - Clan Member of the Year - Most helpful staff member - Best event attendant - Most active member - Best Teacher - Most GP Gains

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