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Vorago is located inside the borehole, located north of Falador. The entrance is only a short distance from the Falador loadstone. To get there u can simply home teleport to Falador or use the Max guild portal. Left clicking the instance will allow players to either create and instance (this is how you start a hardmode kill), enter the worlds instance and enter the graveyard. Anyone who dies while inside the fight will have their grave appear in the graveyard.

NOTE: 1 - When entering for the first time you will need to talk to Vorago until you get the option to challenge him (simply click "No" once you have the option to challenge him)

NOTE: 2 - If you are doing something (sitting, attacking, eating etc.) and Player X challenges and you don't get the challenge/its cancelled simply right click Vorago's face and challenge to join Player X's challenge (remember 50k is split evenly between everyone that accepts (Max hit of 12.5k) so make sure to have enough health and wear your P neck)


Boss Specific!

Melee Swipe (Auto Attack)

What: Vorago Hits his main target (the base) for heavy melee damage (4k+, average 1k-2k with correct prayers) this is also an aoe and will hit other players too close to vorago.
When: Happens on all Phases
How To Avoid: Cade, Reso, Devotion or move our of md (Melee distance)

Blue Bomb (Auto Attack)

What: Vorago attempts to fire a magic bomb at the player furthest away from him (BT), more then one bomb will be fired if there are a lot of players in the fight
When: Happens on all phases
Avoid: Cade, Reso, Devotion

Red Bomb

What: Vorago will shoot a red bomb at a random player (BT has biggest chance/player furthest away has biggest chance of red spawning on them). The Redbomb will hit 2k with correct prayers and an extra 1k damage will be dealt to the person with the bomb on them for every player that is close to them.
When: P1, P2, P3 during Ceilings, Green bomb, Teamsplit and The End weeks and P4 during Scop and The End weeks
Avoid: The Redbomb cancels all defensives. Cade can block the red bomb but is canceled and reset upon doing so

Jump Smash

What: Vorago will jump into the air 3 times, when he lands he will deal massive damage in a a big area, players closer to him will take more damage
When: Will happen at the end of each phase
How To Avoid: Avoid the big black shadows on the ground (they indecate where vorago will land)


What: Vorago preforms a strong melee bleed against his main target (base) 5 times. if the bleed is already on the target and not cleared when he uses the next bleed, the target will take massive damage (6k typeless)
When: happens on p2, p3 during the Viralis week, p4 during all weeks except The End and on p5
How To Avoid: The base takes the first 2 bleeds. He freedom's the first then uses excape to get far enough away from Vorago to clear the bleed. During the 2nd smash animation the bombtank (bt) will voke vorago and tank the next 2 bleeds (the same way, freedom and escape) then the top lure voke 5 (tl5) will voke after the 4th smash and tank the 5th bleed (freedom), at this point the tank will voke back onto him

Target Link/Reflect

What: After the smashes vorago will choose 1 player at random and link there souls (reflecting all damage and then some back onto them)
When: After Smashes and on p5
How To Avoid: Get off Vorago 3 auto attacks (blue bomb and melee swipes) after the bleeds and stay off until Vorago does 4 more auto attacks


What: Vorago will spawn a waterfall in one of the corners. players have 10 seconds to make it into the waterfall and behind it or they will take 9k+ damage
When: p4 after reflect
How To Avoid: run into and behind the waterfall before the 10 seconds is up (surge helps just dont surge the wrong way. a
P neck will also help)

Stone Clone

What: in a smaller team vorago will pick 1 person and spawn a StoneClone that uses the same combat style as the target that the player needs to kill before getting back on vorago. In a mass (10+) 2 players will be chosen and 2 clones will be spawned
When: p4 After the Waterfall
How To Avoid: Use Anticipation 4 auto attacks after the waterfall then Snapshot + Rapidfire/Wild-magic + Asphyxiate the Clone to kill it fast

Rotation Specific

Ceiling collapse

What: During this week, Vorago's special attack will cause rocks to collapse from the ceiling. He will aim his fist to the ceiling and a shadow will appear where the rock will land, 6 seconds later a rock will land on that spot. All players in and around the area of the rock will take damage. The rock deals 8,000 damage split evenly among every player hit. The debris can be cleared by players (right-click option), dealing 4,000 typeless damage. Cade can be used to avoid the damage.

All rocks that are left from phase 3 will carry over to phase 4, landing in the same location and dealing 4,000 damage split among every player hit. If the rock in the centre carries over, it will be cleared by Vorago when he lands.


What: Instead of attacking Vorago, players must kill 2 summoned Scopuli. The scopuli spawn in the southwest and southeast corners of the room. Praying against melee should be used by all players (except the bt) The Scopuli have 150k hp and attack with a aoe strly melee attack. When one of the Scopuli die the one remaining will heal 15k health and become enraged, increasing its damage, accuracy, aoe distance and doubling its attack speed.

During this phase, Vorago will only use magic attacks.


What: Vorago launches an orb that can summon 5 Vitali. The orb is always spawned in the northeast quadrant unless Vorago is moved from the middle. The orb will traVEL from vorago to the outside area of the instance before exploding. Players caught in the explosion will take 2,000 typeless damage. This damage can be reduced by reflect, debilitate, anticipation etc. Every player inside the explosion will stop a vitali from spawning.

Green Bomb

What: Vorago will launch a green bomb to a random spot in the room. When it lands, it will create a mist in that area and then home in on a player. The mist that the Green Bomb spawns hits 300–600 damage every 3 seconds and should be avoided, it also drains 10% adrenaline and 20% run energy. every tick the player is in the mist the bleed gets worst up to a maximum of around 1k.

The initial green bomb target one player at a time. The first player it targets will receive the warning "Vorago has sent a green bomb after you." in their chatbox, and a similar warning on screen "Vorago has sent a green bomb after you. Run!"
On the first hit, the green bomb will deal 1000 damage to the original target and all adjacent players. It will then select a new target within 2 squares of that player and home in on them. Every hit from a green bomb drains 10% adrenaline and resets defensives. The damage cannot be avoided.

If the player gets hit twice in a row they will be hit hard (7000–9000 typeless). If no players are in range it will hit 10k and disappear and advance Vorago's attack rotation.

Green bombs on phases 3 will bounce 5 times before disappearing, dealing damage on the first 4 bounces. On phase 4 and 5 the bomb will only bounce 4 times, damaging on the first 3 bounces. The final bounce will damage if the targeted player is alone, but otherwise it won't do any damage or adrenaline drain.

The best way to deal with Green Bomb is the square method. 4 players stand in a 3x3 square. The first player to get the bomb will take the first hit and then step away from the box. The green bomb will target one of the remaining 3 players and cannot target the first player again.
Whoever is targeted second will take the next hit, and again step outside of the box. The bomb will then target one of the remaining two players still stood in the 3x3 square. the third player to get hit wont have to move out as this is the last damaging hit of the Green bomb.
If someone who is not part of the square receives the green bomb, they should run towards the square before they take the hit, and run out after it is passed.

If the bomb tank receives the green bomb, one player inside of the square run's to the bomb tank to receive the bomb after the first hit, then runs back before the second hit. In teams of 6 or more the square method isnt needed, dpsers should just stand in a pile and dps though/tank the green bomb.


What: TeamSplit in my opinion is one of the easiest rotations. He will charge himself for an explosion, turning half of the players red and the other half blue. Two 2x2 box outlines will appear in the room. one red and the other one blue. Players will need to make it into their respected coloured box when Vorago explodes. Anyone not inside the correct box will receive 8,000 typeless damage.

NOTE:The TeamSplit boxes are easier to see (especially in phase 5) when Lighting detail is set to High and Bloom is On in your graphics settings.

The End

What: During this weeks special attack, all players should focus on damaging Vorago, as he will not be attacking while performing this special.

Vorago will begin this attack by raising his arms and facing one of the quadrants in the room (During this stage, Vorago is immune to damage). You will have a few seconds to get to the quadrant he is facing, if not you will be choked when he slams his arms down. Choke damage starts at 100, and increases by 100 every 2 ticks.

The first corner will not contain any bombs. The second corner will contain either red or blue bombs, and the next corner will contain the other type. The last corner will contain purple bombs. Every few seconds, Vorago will move his right arm to the next wall, covering 2 quadrants. During this time, you should make your way to the next quadrant. about 5 seconds later, he will swiftly move his right arm to close off the corner he was just covering. Anyone still in that corner will be shoved into the wall and take 2500 damage. Anyone who is not inside Vorago's arms should make their way to the next corner that he will focus. Vorago's left arm will not deal any damage when it slides over you to open the corner.

There is a glitch where if you stand on a specific side on the southeast quadrant, Vorago's arm's will not push you out of your position and allow you to move out of the clock without being choked.

Each corner, based on the bomb it holds, has a damage reduction multiplier . The bombs inside each quadrant can be tagged to launch the bombs. Blue and red bombs will only launch to the player who tagged the bomb. Purple bombs will launch to everyone.
Even though this is a thing, players should refrain from tagging the red or blue bombs, but taging the purple bomb shortly after its corner is sealed off is needed.

Purple bombs turn the player into an explosive vitalis. When turned into a vitalis, you will receive a counter on your screen that counts down by 1 every game tick. You will also have a blue bar under your life points which slowly fills orange. When the counter reaches 0, the purple bomb will explode on the player its targeting. These bombs deal 2000 typeless damage to all players within 2 squares of the main target, also draining 5% adrenaline to all affected players excluding the main target. Their damage can be fully negated by barricade, and, unlike red bombs, will not reset defence abilities.

To finish off the attack, Vorago will launch all of the red and blue bombs that wasn't tagged to all the players in the room. The best way that I have found to try and survive this is to face Vorago in the last quadrant (the one with the purple bomb) and surge though and behind him to the diagonal quadrant (most players will try and spread near the p bomb quadrant so give you a little more time to safe up) throw on protect from mage, brew to full, put on a shield and cade when your p bomb timer gets to 10. As long as the purple bomb was tagged correctly, all damage from all bombs will be blocked by barricade. If the purple bombs are launched too late, then a red bomb will hit first, removing the effects of Barricade and leaving you vulnerable to the other bombs (SO SAFE UP!).

NOTE: Vorago uses Link/Reflect 3 auto attacks after he releases the Purple bomb (or its tagged)


Main tank/Base

The main tank is responsible for keeping Vorago's attention for most of the fight. They are also responsible for taking the first set of smashes (1st and 2nd).

Bomb tank

The bomb tank is responsible for absorbing all damage from Vorago's blue and red bombs. The bomb tank is also responsible for taking the second set of smashes (3rd and 4th), and should keep Vorago's aggression for phase 3 on most weeks. Because bombs are launched to the farthest target, the bomb tank should be spaced away from the rest of the team.

Jumper/Top lure

The jumper is responsible for ascending the cliff side and retrieving the first piece of the maul of omens on phase 1. This role is generally responsible for finishing Vorago with the maul.

Voke 5

The voke 5 is responsible for taking the fifth and final smash. This is typically assigned to the jumper.

South Voke

The south voke is responsible for voking Vorago south away from the jumper once the jumper & Vorago are in position.


Attackers are responsible for damaging Vorago without taking care of a special role; however, one or two attackers will need to cover the top lure and voke 5 roles.

Gear Set Ups


Range Base:

Mage Base:

Spellbook: Normal
Rune pouches: Air, Chaos and Soul Runes
Spells: Air Surge and Vulnerability

Optional set up: (This is what i use)
Spellbook: Ancients
Rune Pouches: Chaos, Law, Astral, Soul, Earth, Air, Fire, Blood, Water, Cosmic and Body Runes
Spells: Blood Blitz (Or Ice Blitz if you accidently run out of fire runes), Intercept, Spellbook Swap (Standard), Vulnerability, Spellbook Swap (Lunar), Disruption Shield

Bomb Tanking

Range Bomb Tanking:

I highly, Highly dont recommend learning how to bt in range

Mage Bomb Tanking:

Spellbook: Normal
Rune pouches: Air, Chaos and Soul Runes
Spells: Air Surge and Vulnerability

Optional set up: (This is what i use)
Spellbook: Ancients
Rune Pouches: Chaos, Law, Astral, Soul, Earth, Air, Fire, Blood, Water, Cosmic and Body Runes
Spells: Blood Blitz (Or Ice Blitz if you accidently run out of fire runes), Intercept, Spellbook Swap (Standard), Vulnerability, Spellbook Swap (Lunar), Disruption Shield


Range DPS:

Mage DPS:

Spellbook: Normal
Rune pouches: Air, Chaos and Soul Runes
Spells: Air Surge and Vulnerability

Optional set up: (This is what i use)
Spellbook: Ancients
Rune Pouches: Chaos, Law, Astral, Soul, Earth, Air, Fire, Blood, Water, Cosmic and Body Runes
Spells: Blood Blitz (Or Ice Blitz if you accidently run out of fire runes), Intercept, Spellbook Swap (Standard), Vulnerability, Spellbook Swap (Lunar), Disruption Shield


Phase 1

Phase 1

Phase ends when Vorago reaches 0 life points after obtaining the weapon piece

- Red bomb
- 4 attacks
- Repeat

Weapon piece is obtained by jumping on Vorago at any time

On dropdown you want to quickly double check that your P neck has procked then switch to your main hand/offhand/2h. Move north to avoid being bombed, aim to be about 3 spots away from md on Rago, build to sunshine/death swiftness as fast as possible and follow though with ult dps rotation. When the TL5 vokes Vorago make sure you are not md as Vorago moves or you will take unnecessary melee damage. Remember to stall when the TL5 jumps then dps until the phase is done. When Vorago is jumping make sure you are avoiding the shadows on the ground (these indicate where he will land) and stall your adrenalin for the next phase

Phase 2

Phase 2

Phase ends when Vorago reaches 0 life points after obtaining the weapon piece

- Smashes
- 3 attacks
- Reflect and gravity field
- 3 attacks
- Red bomb
- 4 attacks
- Repeat

After 4 gravity fields, the phase progresses to "Bring him down!"
Weapon piece obtained by dealing enough damage during this time
Afterwards, Vorago will continue his attack rotation

At the start of P2 Vorago will lead with his smashes. Make sure you are counting them, you will only see 4 (the 1st ones animation is bugged and doesn't play) after the 5 bleeds count 3 auto attacks then get off and stall adrenalin. After 4 auto attacks you can get back on and keep dpsing, make sure you juggle your ults when possible between onslaught and death swiftness/sunshine. But don't forget to off on reflect of you could pk someone.

As Vorago reflects a gravity orb will spawn in the room. One of the dpsers needs to tag the orb to make Vorago absorb it and weaken. If the orb is far away from Rago and the Bomb tank is near it, let them get it. After Vorago has absorbed 4 orbs he will be in his "Bring him down!" state. In this state the team needs to spam click on Vorago to sill a red bar on the top of your screen (needs to fill green), then Vorago goes into his weakened state. In this state the team needs to deal as much damage as possible in order to free the maul of omens piece (used in P5 to finally kill Vorago) easiest way to hit the threshold of damage is to have everyone (including the bt and base) Wild magic + Asphyxiate/Snapshot + Rapidfire. Vorago doesn't attack in this state so go ham on him.

After the threshold is reached he will get up and start attacking again. Get Rago down to 0 hp once more and this will end P2. Make sure you build to 100% adrenalin before phasing and make sure you stall during the jumps.

Phase 3

Phase 3


P3's DPS rotation is dependent on the mechanics of the weeks rotation.

Ceiling Collapse:

On drop down you can get a few ability's off on Vorago, as soon as he rips a bolder down and jumps you need to get off though (when he lands he will reflect. As soon as he has finished reflecting he will drop another ceilings, as soon as Vorago lands you need or move close to md (or even md and pray melee) and use onslaught. If everyone in the team does this correctly you can get the phase done here and now before he uses his next reflect.


On drop down you want to move to the southeast quadrant (far away from the wall and BT though) and pray melee. Build to 100% adrenalin if you are not there yet and use deathswiftness/sunshine and dps the Scopuli down. You shouldn't need to worry about the enrage mechanic of one dying to much as the team should be able to drop both decently fast (don't be afraid to safe and use devo though.

NOTE: It is very important that you voke the Scopuli if they are moving towards the bomb tank as he is taking blue bombs/constant mage damage and the Scop can easily 1 shot him/her


Stand in the northeast quadrant, block the 1st orb, off after 3 autos (reflect) then onslaught, ignoring the 2nd orb, pray melee if you get piled by the Vitali that spawn and finish off Vorago (refer to the "rotation specific" section in this guide for more information about Vitalis)


Off after the first TeamSplit, onslaught after the second TeamSplit, if everyone in the team does this correctly you can get the phase done here and now before he uses his next reflect

Green Bomb and The End:

Refer to there individual sections in the "rotation specific" sections in this guide for how to deal with these special weeks

Phase 4

Phase 4


P4's DPS rotation is dependent on the mechanics of the weeks rotation. Unfortunantly theres no fast way to deal with P4. After the 3rd waterfall you will need to get Vorago's health to 0 to progress to Phase 5.

Phase 5

Phase 5


Maul of Omens:

The maul of omens is collected in pieces though out the fight. The Pieces are recovered at the end of the 1st, 2nd and 4th phase. The Ancient Weapon Piece (a), Ancient Weapon Piece (b) and The Ancient Weapon Handle are combined to make the Maul of Omens. It is then used to finish off Vorago when her is as far east as he possibly can be.

Ceiling collapse and TeamSplit:

Both Ceiling collapse and TeamSplit weeks share the same special, which is the TeamSplit attack. There are only 2 spots each box can appear in on phase 5. One far west of the arena, and the second in the middle of the area. The damage taken from the TeamSplit has no effect on Virago's push back.

Scopulus/The end

Like TS and Ceilings, both Scopulus and The End rotations share the same special, which is the Purple Bomb attack. Vorago will turn players into explosive Vitali and they will receive a random countdown timer. When the timer reaches 0 they will explode, damaging any players around them and themselves for 2000 typeless damage.
The best way to deal with p bomb is to have all the dpsers stand on the south wall and keep dpsing. When there timer gets to 5, the dpsers should run to the northern wall, tank the 2k hit then instantly run back to the south dps pile.
REMEMBER: Reflect happens 5 auto attacks after the p bomb attack starts


During Vitalis week, Virago's special will be launching a Vitalis orb down the centre of the path. Every player, including the bomb tank, should take 2 steps back to ensure they are within the explosion radius to block Vitalis spawns.
The bomb tank should intercept the team and use barricade to negate the Vitalis explosion damage. Is any Vitali spawn they should be dealt with first as they contribute to Vorago’s overall push back.
If Vorago has pushed the team too far west, he will launch a red bomb instead of the Vitalis orb and the reflect mechanic will be skipped.
Damage taken from the orbs will contribute to Vorago's over all push back. There is also a one square push back that can not be avoided to look out for.

Green bomb

During Green bomb week, Virago's special will be to use his green bomb attack. The bomb will always land off the platform, so no mist will be created. During this phase, the bomb will only deal damage 3 times.
All damage from green bombs will contribute to Virago's pushback.

The easiest way to deal with the GB attack in a group of at least 4+ is have the person that gets the GB run to the middle of the area and pass it to the dps pile. If the bomb tank gets the green a dps should run to him and run back to pass it to the dps pile. Another method is to have a dpser intercept the BT and tank the 10k hit. This will skip the next special though.
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