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Clan Skill level requirements

- 137+ Combat
- 99 Attack
- 99 Strength
- 99 Magic
- 99 Ranged
- 99 Defence
- 99 Summoning
- 95+ Prayer
- 98+ Herblore

Clan Gear Requirements

To join Zer0 PvM you must show at least one item out of each set;

Zaros Godsword OR Dual Khopesh OR Noxious Scythe OR Dual drygores

Seren Godbow OR Dual Blightbound Crossbows OR Noxious Longbow OR Dual Ascensions

Staff of Sliske OR Dual Praesul's OR Noxious Staff OR Dual Seismic's

To join as a full member, you will need the following sets (atleast 2 of these must be augmented):

- Full Malevolent OR augmented Torva platebody+platelegs
- Torva gloves OR Razorback gauntlets or Dominion tower gloves
- Torva boots OR Emberkeen boots

- Full Sirenic OR augmented Pernix body+legs
- Pernix gloves OR Nightmare gloves or Ascension grips or Dominion tower gloves
- Pernix boots OR Flarefrost boots

- Full Tectonic OR augmented Virtus body+legs or augmented superior Zuriel's robe top+bottom
- Virtus gloves OR Celestial handwraps or Dominion tower gloves
- Virtus OR Hailfire Boots

All of the following are required for full member;

- Frozen Key
- 200 Supreme Overload Doses
- All Tokhaar Capes OR Max Cape OR Completionist Cape
- Reaper Necklace or Amulet of Souls
- Ring of Death or Asylum
- Ring of Vigour


Minor Offences

1. Respect ALL clan members
2. DO NOT post or advertise any adult content
3. NO symbols in the clan chat
4. Mandatory events MUST be attented if online
5. ENGLISH only in clan chat and Zer0 related chats
6. You MUST have clan requirements at ALL times
7. DO NOT encourage others to break ANY Jagex/Zer0 Pvm rules
8. DO NOT discuss or try to transfer 07/EOC gold in clan chat or zer0 related chats

Major Offences

1. DO NOT bot
2. Leaking ANY information from clan is NOT permitted
3. We DO NOT allow any kind of scamming, luring, anti.luring or anything related to these actions
4. Skull tricking or participating in is STRICTLY forbidden
5. DO NOT advertise any potential scam/hack websites
6. DO NOT crash other clan members
7. Any attempt to DDOS someone WILL result in an instant kick
8. DO NOT pk clan members in PvP or PvM situations

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