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Telos is a great way to meet eligible single ladies in your area cuz you're gonna be loaded as balls after you learn this boss. Also you'll get really good at PVM. Ok here we go.


Telos is a solo boss fought in four (and at 100% enrage five) phases. Each phase has different mechanics which I'll go through below. This is going to be a long guide because I'm going to pack in a ton of goodies for you guys including best gear, optimal perks, useful switches, phase by phase walk through of boss mechanics and strategies, and even my own ability rotations. Hope this helps you guys going for warden, 1k enrage, and above. My goal is for every clanny to become a great telos'er and get rich in doing so. We’re a PVM clan and doing top tier PVM means having the best gear. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) BIS costs quite a bit. However, it’s essential for good PVM’ers to max their gear out ASAP, and right now Telos is the best way to do that. Hope this helps.
Gear, Perks and Inventory
So if you know me at all you know I ALWAYS say get best in slot.

Helm: Tectonic Helm
Top: Tectonic Top (Biting 3, Crackling 3 Mobile) Crackling 3 Mobile isn't very hard or expensive to get but is extremely valuable at Telos. On P3 and P5 it will help you tremendously.
Legs: Tectonic Legs (Impatient 3, Enhanced Devoted 3)
Cape: Comp > Max > Kiln. Cape perks for PVM should be invention (save money on charge), defence (saves an invent spot for sign), and strength (for dismember boost). Keep a magic cape in bank for spellbook switches.
Necklace: Reaper > Amulet of souls. At 400+ enrage it helps to bring both. I'll get into this in the P4 section, but bring Amulet of Souls in inventory then equip it in P4. The extra damage block and SS healing is massively helpful on P4-5.
Gloves: Death Touch Bracelet. This is a MUST. The damage reflected to Telos from the bracelet is massively helpful, especially on P5. Also BIS offensive stats.
Ammo Spot: Large Rune Pouch (loaded with airs, chaos and soul runes for Air Surge and Vuln)
Sigil Spot: Limitless Sigil. This costs about 60m but is extremely worth it. Useful on P3 if things go south and you can use it to reflect/debil. More on this in the P3 section.
Scrimshaw: Scrimshaw of the elements. This is better DPS than a godbook. Godbooks are used past 1k enrage for breaking out of tendrils (scrimshaw damage doesn't count to break out of tendrils).
Boots: Obviously Hailfires > Virtus (they actually are extremely nice for Telos, the slight DPS boost and the armor boost do help, and you make so much more than you spend on them).
Ring: Asylum Surgeon (don't use a ROD unless learning). ASR is the DPS ring of choice for those of you who don't know. The chance to save adren on threshes gives it an edge over ROD. A vigor switch for ultimates should also be taken obviously.
Aura: Maniacal > Supreme Runic Accuracy > Dark Magic > All else. The recent buff to zerk auras means mani is extremely op. Use it well. New PVM-ers, buy zerk auras first then go for accuracy auras. Runic sucks now in comparison but it's still very good for the accuracy boost. Useful for streaking. Dark magic on low enrage with nihil isn't suggested but it's doable if you're farming. I did this quite a bit when I was first camping Telos.
Spellbook: Normals until uncomfortable then ancients (for me I switch to ancients on streaks at 700-800 enrage). I'll explain this more in the P4-5 sections.

- Staff of Sliske > Noxious Staff. The accuracy and DPS boosts from T92 are very good. AS3/P4E2 on Staff
- Dual Praesuls (or seismics) for 4 tick DPSing. AS3 main-hand (AS stacks while shield switching) and P4E2 off-hand.
- Augmented Merciless Kiteshield (Turtling 3)
- Augmented Arcane Spirit Shield (Absorpative 3). More about this in the P4 section.
- Guthix Staff for spec affinity boost/def reduction/DPS
- Cywir wand (AS1+PF). Your PF switch should be a main hand item, NOT A SUNSPEAR. Also do not get just PF. AS1 needs to be on the gizmo to avoid aftershock stack loss.

- 20+ Dreadnips. Dreadnips have a chance to stun/poison Telos and are a MUST for P5. They also can be used on P1/3.
- 1 Supreme Overload/ Overload Salve (6)
- 1 Replenishment Potion (6)
- 1 Super Prayer Renewal (6)
- 1 Super Restore Flask (6). Take two more in mammoth when you switch off nihil.
- 5-6 Sara Brews (6). Take another 8-10 in mammoth when you switch off nihil.
- 9-10 Rocktails. Take another 15-20 in mammoth when you switch off nihil.
- 1 Weapon Poison ++ (1). Drink this at the start of the kill while equipping wand + shield. Then switch to staff after dropping sunshine (no invent spots wasted this way).
Phase 1
Telos starts Phase 1 with 400k HP. The phase ends when he reaches 300k HP. His HP will continue to increase until 200% enrage, where it caps at 600k. At that enrage, the phase ends at 450k HP.
The attack rotation is:
7 Auto Attacks
3 Auto Attacks
3 Auto Attacks
Hold Still
*Note that there are 7 auto attacks before tendril the first time only. After this there will be 3 auto attacks between each spec until the phase ends.

- To break out of the tendril you need to hit a certain amount of damage (that increases with enrage).
- To dodge the surge you need to surge or escape at the correct time.
- The hold still ability lets you resonance back HP by using freedom/anticipate before hand (Telos will stun you) and then resonancing at the correct time.
- A green beam will spawn periodically that will provide you extra adrenaline (10% per game tic) at the cost of prayer. Use this wisely.
- Telos has a blue special attack bar at the top of the screen (it will fill when the green beam is on him). If this bar fills completely, he will hit you with a high hitting attack saying "SO. MUCH. POWER."
- Most defensives will help block So Much Power (SMP) damage, including resonance.

My ability rotation (no 4 ticking)
- Stall into kill with 100%
- Overload/weapon poison/aura
- Use devotion for 10s of 100% prayer effectiveness
- Run up to telos and drop sunshine with planted feet
- Switch to staff and vuln > combust > corruption
- Dbreath > Sonic > Adren pot > WM > Asphyx
- Sonic > combust > corruption (tendril should happen about now) > dbreath > deep impact > wrack (telos is stun suspectible. wrack will hit 188% - same as dbreath - after a deep impact)
- Sonic > WM > Asphyx

With mani this should get well over 100k damage done using BIS gear with SOS and Affliction. After this omni in green beam after you dodge the surge and fit a g-staff in, then build adren with beam and reso the hold still for full HP, then deto in time for the next tendril. Repeat until phase is over.

Phase Tips
Keep good DPS rotations going. Prioritize dbreath, sonic, and bleeds from your basics. Use g staff in green beam when you can for the affinity boost and DPS.
At higher enrages you can deto+wm the first tendril, and at 700+ you can build to 95+ at the start after sunning for deto+wm+reflect.
A fool proof way to dodge the surge (no matter what) is wait for the yellow text over his head to disappear. The tic after you see "Gielinor give me strength!" disappear from his head, you can spam surge. You won't fail surges ever again if you use this method.
If by some bad luck you get so much power on P1 you can reso/reflect/debil/cade/immo it or just equip your arcane and safe up. If you're using ancients you can shield dome it.

Phase 2

Telos starts Phase 2 with 300k HP. The phase ends when he reaches 200k HP. At 200% enrage his P2 starting HP caps at 450k and the phase will end at 300k HP.
The attack rotation is:
Magic Onslaught
3 Auto Attacks
Hold Still
3 Auto Attacks
3 Auto Attacks
3 Auto Attacks
3 Auto Attacks

- Magic Onslaught is a series of magic attacks that will decrease his special bar. These will increase in damage so use defensives to block the hits. You can devotion/reflect/barricade if needed.
- The virus will apply damage to you until you stand in the beam and clear it. This mechanic will re-appear in Phase 3 and Phase 5. Viruses are only a mechanic at 50% enrage.
- Telos will start P2 with X Number of auto attacks before his first spec, where X is 3 minus the number of auto attacks he did after speccing on P1 before you phased him. E.g. - if he did hold still last on P1, got in 1 auto attack, then you phased, he will have 2 auto attacks then tendril you on P2.

Phase Transitions
Telos will start somewhere in this rotation depending on last P1 Spec. The phase transitions are:
P1 Hold Still > P2 Tendril
P1 Surge > P2 Hold Still
P1 Tendril > P2 Mage Onslaught

My ability rotation (if last spec was Tendril or Surge)
- Drop down/WM
- Anticipate when needed for the hold still
- Take reso then drop sunshine (with planted feet)
- Build adren with basics
- Wild magic>asphyx out of the tendril. At higher enrage deto+wild magic out of tendril.
- Get in black beam and use devo > reso > reflect > preparation > cade. Step out of black beam when you reso and reflect so that reso can come off cooldown
- Take reso after hold still then finish telos off.

Phase Tips
Some other options you have are to natural instinct when you drop down, then reso from hold still then sunshine. Try to drag Telos out of the black beam (he takes less damage while inside it). The black beam will also make you take less damage and deal less damage if you're in it. A good sunshine rotation should do close to 100k damage, just use your threshes appropriately. Phase it and then off to P3.
The defensive rotation I've provided works for any enrage. You can use any combination of defensives you want, but the reason I provided this one is because it will work even at 1k enrage and above. Devotion and barricade will fully block the hits (even when the mage hits are upwards of 10k per hit). Using resonance then reflect and prep means you will get another resonance after the onslaught ends. However, use your best judgement as you gain experience. Based on bar's starting fullness and enrage see what defensives work best. You won't always need the full defensive rotation.
Phase 3
Telos starts Phase 3 with 200k HP. The phase ends when he reaches 100k HP. At 200% enrage his P2 starting HP caps at 300k and the phase will end at 150k HP.
The attack rotation is:
X* Auto Attacks
3 Auto Attacks
- Surge
3 Auto Attacks
- Hold Still

*X = 7 + (3- # of Auto attacks left before spec on P2). Example: if you phased it right after spec on P2, P3 will start with 10 auto attacks. If you phased it right before a spec, Phase 3 would start with 7 auto attacks.

A red beam will spawn during this phase that will move Telos's special bar to the right. It will also increase your damage given and taken. There will also be three golems that you can attack to reduce his special bar.

Telos will "nuke" you if the red bar goes too far to the right. He will steal your adrenaline and prayer if it's too far on the right.
- Keeping minions alive and letting the red beam hit Telos will move the bar to the right
- Killing minions and removing Telos from the red beam will move it to the left
- After every surge use an auto with your next ability. You can do this by keybinding auto ability to your bar and using it the same tic as a basic. Autos hit ~150% ability damage. More on this in the tips and tricks section at the end of the guide.

Phase Transitions
P2 Mage OS/Hold Still/Virus > P3 Virus
P2 Surge > P3 Surge
P2 Tendril > P3 Hold Still

My ability rotation (if last spec was any but Tendril)
- Drop > Vuln > WM
- Nip + Excalibur (excalibur lasts 40 seconds, start it ASAP)
- Combust (walk telos) > Corruption
- Start asphyx > cancel asphyx with dbreath the tic you see red beam appear
- Sonic > impact while running to beam
- Onslaught in beam

This is how you start the rotation right. With maniacal you can do 40k damage before you start onslaught, even more with 4 ticking and good RNG. After onslaught ends you should have less than 30k left to do, just DPS telos in beam and deal with mechanics as needed. With good RNG on 200%+ kills I've done 60k+ DPS before starting my onslaught.

Phase Tips

Phase 3 is one of the most straight forward phases, it truly is do deeps, get to beam onslaught, then more deeps.
Where things can get tricky is if the bar moves too high up or if you're on high enrage and there's a risk of getting nuked. Clear minions ASAP if it's clear you're not going to finish the phase quickly (after your onslaught ends). If the bar gets into the red zone use debilitate/reflect/shield dome.
Having the limitless sigil is really helpful for this phase if you're in the weird place of Telos draining your adrenaline and also close to full bar, then you'd want to use sigil to reflect while low adren.
Telos only will double/triple nuke you after the virus spec starts. This is useful to know because you can try and tank the nukes after surge/hold still and then save reflect for virus.
If the beam "keeps spawning on Telos" just lure him to a corner. if you're ever on the wall, the further most beams parallel to that wall won't spawn on him, also a good tip to know.

Phase 4


- Phase 4 will drop you into a new arena with three fonts. The goal is to phase Telos's HP 4 times, once for each Font and then to end the phase.
- His HP starts at 100k and ends at 0k. At 200% enrage that is 150k/0k. The fonts are at 75k/50k/25k HP. At 200% enrage that is 112.5/75k/37.5k

The attack rotation is:
- Surge
- 3 Auto Attacks
- Anima Bomb
- 3 Auto Attacks
- Hold Still
- 3 Auto Attacks
- Repeat

- The anima bomb is an attack that will hit 2500+10*Enrage (2.5k @ 0% Enrage/7.5k @ 500% Enrage/12.5k @ 1k% Enrage)
- Anima bomb will also bleed you and reduce your overload timer if you are not near a font. Stand near a font to "cleanse" yourself.
- You can reduce anima bomb damage with debil/reflect/anticipation/immortality. You can fully block it with resonance or barricade.

When Telos is phased to each Font, he will summon 3 minions to help him. These minions will rise in HP with enrage and hit harder.
- One red minion (has a chance to stun you) prioritize killing this one first
- One black minion (will reduce your armor effectiveness in stacks, going up to 100 stacks) Kill this one second
- One green minion (will increase it's damage done to you overtime) Kill this one last

The font itself will also damage you, Starting with 1k hits going up to 2k hits per tic at 500% enrage. You will receive five of these hits For 5k-10k Total.
Reflect can reduce the damage by half. Spirit shields will reduce an additional 30%. Anticipate/Barricade can block damage too.
- You can also charge a deto while reflecting, then switch to staff during the deto without breaking the deto, then release a 2h deto+dbreath.

Phase Transitions
P3 Virus > P4 Hold Still
P3 Surge > P4 Surge
P3 Hold Still > P4 Anima Bomb


- Vuln > WM > Bleeds > Asphyx to get into the first font
- Once the font is active:
- Target red and auto + corruption
- Enter font and reflect
- Deto, switch to staff at 100% and release deto+dbreath
- Chain minions then target telos
- WM/Asphyx telos out of font and get ready for next font

Another thing you need to focus on for P4 is the So Much Power (SMP) special. Unlike P1, it is unavoidable on P4 and it must be dealt with, usually at the 2nd Font. If you wait too long to enter the first Font, you can get SMP at the first font, and then again at the 3rd! Try to avoid this by getting into the font ASAP.

The way to deal with so much power at Font 2 is to phase telos correctly. The ideal time to Phase into Font 2 is after Telos surges. This is because after he leaves the font, you will have 3 auto attacks before so much power, then so much power, then 3 auto attacks, then an anima bomb. You can barricade the so much power and the anima bomb in one barricade, if you have turtling 3 on your shield.

So this is the rotation for Font 2:
- Phase Telos into Font 2 after surge. Tips for Phasing: Use combust 1 auto attack before he surges, then wild magic right when he starts the surge, then surge to dodge the surge. If for some reason you haven't phased it, use auto + deep impact>wrack after the surge.
- Once telos is phased, target the red minion and auto + corruption
- Dbreath on way to font then reflect
- Deto, staff switch, release deto + dbreath
- Get 100 adren, target telos, impact telos when he is attackable
- Barricade right as he throws so much power
- Cade will last through the anima bomb
- Resonance the hold still

If You Messed Up Phasing Font 2...
People ask this all the time. No worries, you're not f'd (yet)
- Deto the minions and kill the red ASAP
- Use preparation right before he throws the bomb
- Safe up to 12-13k HP
- As soon as he is attackable blast him with stuns: impact>deep impact>asphyx
- The minions will bring resonance off cooldown
- Put on spirit shield and use resonance on tic
- If you use a spirit shield to reduce SMP damage, drink a restore to boost your pray. It's easy to get smited (especially at higher enrages).

When you get comfortable you can just resonance the so much power and dps telos, then reflect the anima bomb. I do this through maybe 400 enrage.

Phase Tips
The key to a fast, low food usage, and easy P4 is clearing minions quickly at fonts and doing good DPS on telos. The deto/dbreath on the minions should clear them for a while, and then you can do additional basics on the red to kill it. When you get better you can clear minions with basics then use your detonate on Telos for even better DPS. A good deto rotation for Telos is charge deto > auto+deto+impact > 4 tick deep impact > auto > asphyx > wild magic. This is a bit more advanced though so first get used to P4 and clearing minions before deto'ing Telos.
To deal with the anima bomb, use debil and then reflect if needed (you sometimes will use reflect on a bomb and then not have it ready for the font).
Spirit shield is extremely helpful here too, or if you have no defensives or if debil splashes.

Phase 5

The way the phase works is that three beams will be pointing at Telos, (the same three beams from phases 1-3).
- Green beam gives 10% adren per tic while draining prayer
- Black beam reduces damage taken and given
- Red beam boosts damage taken and given

- Telos will hit you with magic hits the entirety of the phase and summon 6 minions (red, black, or green) to help him.
- Typically the strategy is to enter the green beam ASAP, sunshine, tsunami the minions to kill them, then dps on telos.
- Telos also has a special attack bar over his head during this phase which will spawn a random bleed on you at 50% full and start an insta kill special at 100%.
- Each time Telos does a mage attack the bar increases. Stuns and dreadnips will delay his attacks.
- To avoid the insta kill special you can either take the minions to their respective font and kill 4 of them. This will charge the font and then allow you to click it to disable Telos's insta kill.
- Alternatively you can use immortality below 1,000% enrage to survive the instant kill
- Every ~20 seconds Telos will summon a rockfall to hit you. At low enrage this is easily tankable. At around 300-400 you can start reflecting these. You can tell when the rock fall is coming because smaller pebbles will drop before the larger rock fall appears. More in the ability rotation below.

Given all of this... my rotation through 700% enrage is as follows:
- Drop > Vuln > WM
- Corruption > Green Beam > Switch to Melee pray > Sunshine > Dbreath > Asphyx
- When the rock fall starts to appear, Tsunami the minions then move out of the way of the rock. Run back into green beam/sunshine after the rock falls.
- At 300+ (or whenever Tsunami doesn't one shot minions) do the following:
- Sunshine > Dbreath > Asphyx > Deep Impact (when pebbles appear) > Reflect > Deto
Pause. Let me explain this. You cancel the asphyx with a deep impact for the extra damage and the long stun. You reflect to send some of the damage back to Telos. Then you start deto charging on the minions ASAP. At closer to 700 enrage, you'll be taking a good bit of damage from minions + rock hit + mage hits from telos. For these reasons, rocktail/brew twice while charging the deto. This is the part that will help a lot of you guys pushing for warden. Safing up during your deto will put you in a much more relaxed place. Alright, continue:
- Switch to staff (you can do this without disrupting your deto) > Release Deto > Tsunami
Pause. Learn to staff switch during your deto as I mentioned, this will boost your damage big time for P5 and help you get to Warden without breaking a sweat. Also by now you should know it but I'll repeat, deto+next ability can be done in the same tic. You should be using this staff switch with deto during P4 as well. Okay, continue:
- Dbreath telos (or minions if they're alive) > WM > Omnipower > G Staff/Deep Impact into Wrack/G Staff until virus Spawns
Now the virus has spawned. If it's green you're fine, it auto clears. Otherwise surge* to the beam and clear it.
- Once you clear virus, run to the second green beam while stunning and wild magicking Telos as you run. Once you get to the green beam start your onslaught**
- Gz mate fingers crossed for dsos

*Tips for clearing virus: If you're standing in the back beam, stand two tiles away from Telos. Then click one tile diagonally towards either beam and surge. Your character will end up in the beam. This is how you 1 tic clear a virus from back beam.
If your character is on a front beam, stand MD to telos. If the virus matches the back beam, press surge. Your character will surge through Telos and be 2-3 tiles from the back beam. If the virus matches the other front beam, click around Telos and surge to get to it.
**Tips for deciding whether to tank the rock or wait before onslaught: A player wearing full tectonic can tank a rock up until about 450 enrage reliably by rocktailing over max HP. The rock will hit close to 10ks max at that enrage. You can improve your chances of tanking a rock up until 600 enrage by equipping 3 pieces of achto before you onslaught, using fortitude, and rock/brewing over max. This can give you 13k HP while onslaughting with staff. If you ask me personally whether you should tank or dodge the rock, the biggest factor is Telos's spec bar and his HP left. If for some reason P5 went slowly and the bar is 70% full while he has over 100k HP left, you'll 100% want to tank the rock to start your os earlier. Slap on the achto, flick fortitude, and rock/brew over max. As a general rule, you should flick to fortitude the second the rock hits you anyways since you have nothing else to do and fortitude will reduce 3% of the damage

Pushing Enrage Tips

- The rotations and concepts I listed above remain the same at their core all the way through 1k enrage.
- At 300-700 enrage I take 3 pieces of achto in my inventory. After the first insta kill on P5 I will equip this if Telos's HP is too high and potentially get defensives reset.
- At higher enrages switching to achto on P4 can help if you start to slip and need the extra armor/HP.
- Arcane will help tremendously on P4 higher enrages, especially if you can't deal with an anima bomb or so much power.
- At high enrage if you mess up SMP on P4, you can reach 15k+ HP easily by equipping 3 piece achto, fortitude, and rock/brewing over max HP.
- At 700+ enrage taking rocktail soups and super saradomin brews will help. These are expensive, but if you're at this point you're already getting orbs so you know it's well worth it.

At 700+, you can decide whether or not you want to use ancients. The upsides are the ability to shield dome on P4 and ice barrage minions on P4 and P5. That is a decision you will make when you get there. I prefer to stay on regulars for Vulns as long as possible. With maniacal and vulns you can still do sub 7 minute kills at 500+ enrage. For me, that speed is valuable because it means more gp/hr. Again, it's a judgement call made by the player. But seeing as you're here to max out your gp/hr, it makes sense to want to do faster kills.

The biggest thing that changes for me after 700 enrage when using ancients and achto is the P5 rotation. Instead of the "sun rotation" I described above, you use a less powerful but safer method, many of you know as the "evil lucario" rotation. Essentially you natural instinct for 20% adren per tic, revenge, sunshine, asphyx, barricade, wild magic, deto the minions, deto tsunami the minions, dbreath/corr, then clear virus and OS. Using barrage autos really helps to clear the minions at this enrage, since they get up to 25k HP at 1k enrage.

Other Tips and Tricks

- Auto abilities are so important to use with magic. Keybind your active spell to your bar and then use it after every defensive/surge. The way this works is that normally you need to wait multiple tics after an ability to use an auto ability. Auto abilities are simply what our weapons hit if we attacked something and didn't use any abilities (they are what we did in pre-EOC days).
- These attacks can still be leveraged, in fact they're the basis of "4 Tick Auto Attacking (4taa).
- If you don't 4taa, you should at least stack autos with basics after each surge. Every phase involves lots of surging due to Telos's own surge attack.
- Additionally every defensive you use can have an auto ability stacked with a basic after it. Use these autos intelligently! They hit roughly 150% ability damage, almost as much as sonic!
- At higher enrages, use sonic before your detonations.
- It is possible to release an auto the same tic as detonate, in fact every deto you do should be stacked with an auto. The order is as follows: Deto > Charge to 100 > Auto THEN Deto (same tic) > next ability
- Essentially you can release an auto/deto/wild magic all in one tic. Practice this tactic at the lumbridge dummies until you are confident in your ability to do this. THE EXTRA 150% ABILITY DAMAGE WILL BREAK YOU OUT OF TENDRILS AT HIGHER ENRAGES, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS.
About Pushing to Warden...
It may seem hard at the time but once you get past it you'll laugh at how easy it was. One thing people frequently ask me is whether it's better to streak or push enrage only. The answer is up to you. In my opinion, push enrage and if you hit a wall, do a few streaks. Also, if you're finding it tremendously hard and losing a lot of money, again the answer is streak. You'll recoup some of your losses and possibly even get drops. Streaking from 0 you can get drops at sub 300 enrage not too uncommonly.


Good job lads you're ready to get rich. Ask in CC if you need help or PM me personally. I promise you everything you need to do 0-1k enrage streaks consistently is in this guide, the only thing holding you back is yourself. When you start streaking, make sure you fit an hour in here and there when you can. The streaks will add up faster than you'd think as long as you stay consistent. The most important thing to get good at Telos (and every boss) is consistent practice and willingness to learn/train new strategies. Stay at it and let's flood the game with T92s. I'm at 36 orbs currently and counting! I've made over 20B here in maybe 8 months of on and off Telos (probably only 4 months of proper Telosing). Everyone is capable of doing this. Get out there and gl!
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