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Hi there,

New site, might as well start off with a new introduction :)

I'm Erwin, I'm 28 years old (when writing this, last intro I made I stated I was 21..) and I'm from The Netherlands.
I've been playing Runescape since 2004 and I've been in quite a few clans. In 2010 however I made the change to step over from PvP clans to PvM clans. I had gotten into pvm and wanted to share this glorious scene with clanmates likeminded.
I joined Zer0 PvM a few weeks after it was created and with 2 months I became a staff member. I was the very first AntiCrash Coordinator and only a few months later became owner of the clan.

I've been leading this clan for many years now (don't count the 6 month small break I took ;) ) and it's always been a joy being able to create a place for people to enjoy the game with other people. A family, as many state.

But more about myself, I work as a police officer. This is my dream job and there hasn't been a single day I didn't want to go to work. Keep this in mind ladies&gents, if you love what you do for a living, you won't have to work a day in your life.
I have my own home and I live together with a great lady (most will know who, she's in this clan too ^^)
I'm proud of my Audi Q5 and Yamaha R1 bike. I'm a guy, don't blame me.

And that's about what I can think of right now. I'll add a few pics in. Some say they say more than a thousands words, right.

Dedication is the key to victory.
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