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Zer0 wbs guide 2014/2015

Zer0 wbs has changed a bit and now works with permanent adds. The Guide itself does not get updated anymore, all the changes are stated in a reply on this topic. PM any Captain ranks+ in the fc to get an add, the following captain + are in zer0 and active in the friends chat [Brb expwaste] , or other for an add in zer0 wbs. make sure to read this guide so you know what to do and what to bring.

- Stand at Quercus at xx:50 (Nobody in 2/24/48/vip worlds)
- When the camp location is announced, call it in fc. (World - Loc - Number of Whites)
- Head to the world & camp called by the Leader. (1st world is DWF)
- PK any whites at the camp before looting.
- Loot 25 supplies and head back to Quercus.
- Head to the 2nd world called by a Leader. Loot there. Head back to Quercus.
- Head to the 3rd world called by a Leader. Loot there. Head back to Quercus in a Taxi with the rest of the FC.

NOTE: Throughout the spawn, you should be watching FC to watch for any calls made by ranks. If you are looting whilst others are PKing whites, you risk being kicked and possibly banned for leeching.

full guide below:

This is a [zer0 wbs] guide 2014/2015, I made this because the other one is a little bit outdated and we have a lot of new rules.

So first of all. What is zer0 wbs? it's the new warbands friends chat of zer0 pvm. zer0 warbands is the old acc.
First of all I want to say: this guide is only about zer0 wbs, other friends chats may have other rules etc. If you want to do zer0 warbands, come earlier to the fc to make sure you'll get an add. To get an add as a zer0 member, you just simply ask for an add and SAY that you are zer0 member. Zer0 members will instantly get an add and DON'T need a voucher (ranks may ask for a confirm.). NOTE if you want to vouch for a friend who is not in zer0, keep in mind the combat requirement is 135+

the chapters you have to know BEFORE warbands are these ones: (1-7)

chapter 1 warbands spawns.
chapter 2 general warbands information.
chapter 3 warbands locations.
chapter 4 gear requirements.
chapter 5 multiway combat.
chapter 6 inventory.
chapter 7 the rules.

These following chapters you should know about are DURING the waves.
(scouting at xx:50 while there is no warbands yet, is preperation but must be done to succesfully do warbands)

chapter 8 warbands scouts.
chapter 9 warbands succeeders.
chapter 10 warband leader.
chapter 11 white dots.
chapter 12 camp owners.
chapter 13 heading back to quercus.
chapter 14 wand of treachery

warbands will spawn every 7 hours you can check when a new warbands is gonna spawn at quercus, quercus can be found north west of GE this is his location:

but it's faster to just press F3/or the fn (function key, depends on how your keyboard is) :P then click the 'minigames' section and find 'wilderness warbands'
(f3 ->minigames -> wilderness warbands) tip: if you're planning to use zer0 wbs more often or warbands in general, you can make wilderness warbands a favorite minigame/D&D
If you click on it you can see:

* The amount of event you have taken part in today (3 camps/day is limit).
* The time will appear when the next warband will spawn.

* there are 5 skills which can be trained using warbands. Those 5 skills are , , , ,
but there are only 3 out of the 5 tents available, so it may happen you came for mining but at all three worlds, there's no mining. in addition: there's no pattern in this.

* camps which weren't succeeded by succeeders will die at: xx:05.
* camps which WERE succeeded will die at ten minutes after the beam was done.
* you can loot max 25 supplies from one camp.
* you can participate in 3 camps daily.
(* loot 25 supplies/camp and doing 3 camps/day = 75 supplies max.)
* if you're looting and you're getting pked and died, the camp you just looted COUNTS as 1/3 camps to loot. this means you can only get 50/75 supplies total from camps. you still can pk whites for supplies to gain some of your supplies back.
* there is a total of 1000 supplies in each camp which can be looted since everyone can loot max 25 supplies from one camp, there can be 40 people loot from one camp. (1000/40=25)
* nowadays you cannot attack someone when he/she is looting.
* in addition to the previous bullet, you can attack ANYONE and can get attacked by ANYONE after looting warbands, no matter what combat level.
* looting a warband camp will make you skulled and you will receive this message in your chatbox:

There's three locations where the warbands camps might spawn:
1. Dark warrior's fortress. (DWF)
2. Red dragon isle. (RDI)
3. East of the lava maze. (ELM)

How to get to DWF? just run all the way from quercus to DWF and follow the red line to the camp.

so now you know how to get to the DWF. there are two locations left. I advice you to not run them but use the: games necklaces instead.
the fourth option on the games necklace can teleport you to the corporeal beast lair. Make sure you come into the wilderness when you leave the corporeal beast cave!!!
if you come in some spiritual realm you must first block the cavarn in the spiritual realm so it will be open in the normal world. (rs;wild)
when you leave the corp cave you're very close to the other warband locations: RDI and ELM.
there is another option to go to the other two locations which is the: canoe station i don't advice using the canoe station if you don't have a rune/dragon hatchet in your toolbelt because it costs time to make to required canoe: the waka. traveling with the games necklace makes you closer to RDI. but traveling with the waka canoe makes you closer to the ELM. although waka is closer to elm, It's better to still use the games necklace for ELM aswel. if you make the waka and you hop worlds, you will have to make it again. (I'm using the games necklace methode in this guide but i'll point out the waka location in ELM aswel.
So now you know this it's time for me to post the next locations :p

Teleport to corporeal beast cave using the fourth option on the games necklace, then leave the cave (pointed out with a yellow squire) and walk all the way east (eventually use the surge abilitie) and then walk slightly south. or basically just follow the line:

again I've marked the corporeal beast cave with a yellow squire. i've also marked the waka spot with an orange square.
just follow the red line again to get to the camp.

In Zer0 wbs, you need to wear gear and wield a weapon to attend the warband wave (like every fc)
the requirements are:

Weapon requirements changed (minimum reqs)

* Level 80 2h weapon
* Level 80 mainhand / 70 off-hand

* Level 75 2h weapon
* Level 80 mainhand / 70 off-hand

* Level 75 2h weapon
* Level 80 mainhand / 70 off-hand

* level 60 body/legs +
* level 60+ body/legs/helm from the same style you use
* Wearing a cape/ava's device is MANDA now. (ava's accumulator/ava's attractor/ava's alerter)
* T50+ gloves and boots are mandatory
(* wearing a games necklace is not manda but very useful to teleport)

* body, helm, legs, gloves and boots must be of the same style you use. (helm/body/legs 60+, gloves/boots 50+)
* rune platebody and platelegs is the only exception on the 60 body/legs rule the helm must still be 60+
* familair is mandatory!!! yak/tort/best pig with food or iron/steel titan or any nihil

these are some possible allowed gear sets. if you got killed make sure you regear for the next world!

as you guys can see, I'm using rune platebody/platelegs(level 50) . Those are the only exception!

make sure to select a spell :P

the off-hands I used in the dual wield setups are Crystal weapons.

as you guys know the wilderness has single-way spots and multiway spots: on this Image you can see the multiway area's (red spots)
Also keep in mind in the middle of every camp it is multi-way combat.

I can't say much about the inventory, you'll need 25 free spots to loot everything you can from the camp. so you can just take 1 super restore/prayer potion and 2 food. it's recommended to summon a pack yak aswel to store some extra food, this may be useful incase of pkers/whites which HAVE to be killed before looting. looting while there are still whites is called 'leeching' and if you're caught leeching this may result in a kick and even possible getting pked.

* make sure you scout a world xx:50 (also make sure you're the only one on the world when scouting)
* put your private 'off' (xx : 45) at least your private MUST be OFF during the waves.
* Do NOT ask for worlds, ranks will call them, this could result in a kick/bank
* Do not sell/buy while warbands is going on, you can buy sell after/before waves
* Meet the Requirements all the time (T60+helm/T60+ body/legs and T50 + gloves/boots)
* nowadays it's also required to wear a cape/ava's device as we're not using the team capes anymore
* Full regear if you get pked, no exeptions.
* kill all whites before looting, looting while whites are located around camp may result in a kick/ban
* listen to the ranks in the friends chat
* not returning fully regeared may also result in a kick + getting killed
* always taxi back the third world (running back on your own may result in a kick, and get killed by the rank who's waiting for whites)
* NEVER leak any information.
* never blame ranks for 'only' having two worlds, respect them they make warbands happen for you.
* do not pk each other.
* familair = mandatory use yak/tort/ best pig with food or iron/steel titan or any nihil
* Do not hop mid camp.
*(22 November 2015) we require all our members to be on ts3 (

During the wave (00:50-01:20)

Everyone in the fc attending the wave should scout a different world. (no need for 5 people on the same world)
what is scouting? scouting is basically:
find a world (no /18/legacy/137(high risk)/VIP), then say the amount of whites at quercus.
Start scouting at xx:50 (10 minutes before warband spawn)
and put your private 'OFF' and leave your clan chat, group.
if the world is dwf and it's still clear, the scout also quick-checks the camp to see if there's not a fc already.
note: do NOT ask for worlds during spawn, leaders find it annoying and may result in a kick, leaders will call when they are ready.


in this case the camp location in unknown. (5 mins before time)
W21 - 3 whites

in this case the camp location has been announced. (warbands time!!/xx:00)
W21 - 3 whites ELM

the warband succeeders, like it says 'succeed' the camps beam to make it last longer like I said in chapter 2. Succeeders wait in the friends chat for clear worlds given by the scouts.

scout 1: W21, dwf, 5 whites.
scout 2: W23, elm, fc showed up.
scout 3: W25, rdi clear (no whites)

the succeeder sees that W25 is clear and RDI, so he/she is about succeeding this world. so he heads to this camp and succeed the beam by clicking on it and not getting caught by the camp owners. He/she also updates the friends chat with a line something like: Succeeding W25 rdi.

the warband leader is most likely the highest rank in zer0 wbs the highest ranks (generals) are Tekkers V2, q hadeel p and Brb Expwaste At the moment.
if they aren't online another high rank may lead the wave.
the leaders basically call the worlds you'll need to get on to loot that world + location.

scout 1: W21, dwf, 5 whites.
scout 2: W23, elm, fc showed up.
scout 3: W25, rdi clear
scout 4: W64, dwf, clear (no whites)

the leader sees that W64 dwf is clear and update the friends chat by saying:
=====W64 DWF First world==========
everyone who wants to loot (scouts) then must hop to w64 (best by lobby) and go to the location.
NOTE: dwf is most likely to be the first world because it's the closest location to quercus.

if there are white dots present at the camp, they must be cleared immediately. if you're not killing white dots and you're just running away or keep looting it will result in a kick like I said. when there is a huge friends chat also on the same world, and tanks see that it will be a dead giveaway, they will tell you to leave the world by saying:
===== Leave W(x) =======
when you see that line, you don't have to kill the whites anymore, and should just leave the world.

the camp owners is a group of NPC which have to be killed before looting. When you try to loot a tent with one or more owners left it will say:

it doesn't matter in what pattern you kill them, some people like to keep the commander for the last.
note: killing the commander provides slayer experience.
note: Looting a warband camp makes you skulled for 20 minutes!!!

when the beam is ruined: you will need to kill the camp owners with your team.
when the beam is succeeded: there will be another NPC group from another god helping you to kill the camp owners, they are just there to help and cannot be killed/damaged.

when you have looted 25 supplies or less. (camp might die/empty) you'll need to get it out of the wilderness safe by running back to quercus.
Note: You CAN'T teleport with supplies in your inventory, and lobbying/dcing in the wilderness will make you drop/destroy all supplies immediately!
you can run back in the first world (most likely to be dwf) and second world by yourself, but you MUST taxi back on the third world.
leaving on yourself earlier may result in a kick when caught and even getting killed by a rank who's waiting down for whites!

For every supply box looted from a tent, there is a small chance of finding the wand of treachery. Only one wand can be found per camp. The player who loots this item will be highlighted with a glow for around 20 seconds, their Prayer points will drain to 0, and everyone nearby will receive a message stating who found the wand.

thanks for reading and paying attention ;)

happy warbanding!

Zer0 PvM 2017 Awards - Clan Member of the Year - Most helpful Leader - Best Spontaneous Event Host - Best Teacher - Best all round PvMer - Best Tank - Best DPSer - Most Active Member - Richest Member - Funniest Rage Quitter

Zer0 PvM 2016 Awards - Clan Member of the Year - Most helpful staff member - Best event attendant - Most active member - Best Teacher - Most GP Gains

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