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[Pinned] Count to 1M
Off topic / Forum Games

[Pinned] Count to 1M

Person that posts the 1.000.000th post on this thread, gets a lifetime membership to Runescape.Good luck.
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Rank up to Advanced Member

[Pinned] Apply For Advanced Member

Advanced member reqs can be found hereCopy and past the template below into a new reply and fill out before submitting - Have you gathered 250m xp in Zer0?:- How Long have you been in Zer0 for?:- How many events have you attended? (monitored by st...
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Off topic / Forum Games

[Pinned] Count to 10 before a leader posts

Title explains it basically.Post till #10. Resets if a leader posts.Good luck.Times beaten : 2
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[Pinned] Post count game
Off topic / Forum Games

[Pinned] Post count game

Last one to post, wins.
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[Pinned] Advanced Member Requirements

To rank up to 3 stripes, you will need the following: Be in the clan for 1 month OR have gained 100M XP while in the clan. Have attended atleast 5 official events (monitored by staff, written down in a google docs document. Make sure you fill in...
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PvM Section

[Pinned] Only Telos guide you ever need by Retro Reptar

Telos is a great way to meet eligible single ladies in your area cuz you're gonna be loaded as balls after you learn this boss. Also you'll get really good at PVM. Ok here we go.IntroTelos is a solo boss fought in four (and at 100% enrage five) ph...
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[Pinned] Wbs Spies - Kos List

Fouzan - Some enemy of clan member Isha who stalks her worlds 2 alts of fouzan both low lvl ( Rizzu and another almost similar spelling)Members of clan No Stake Zone (cpk) who guest and leave to find worlds to skull trick at chaos ele/ revs/ lava ...
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Drop/Personal Logs

lost magic clue scrolls

Here i post my 1m+ clues.
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Accepted Advanced Applications

Application - Acrysius

- Have you gathered 250m xp in Zer0?:Yes, gathered over 200M xp- How Long have you been in Zer0 for?:aprox 8-9 months- How many events have you attended? (monitored by staff, written down in a google docs document.):exactly 5- Screenshot including...
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PvM Section

Vorago Learning Application

Before you apply please make sure you read though the Vorago In depth Guide Completely Copy and paste the questions below into a new reply on this thread Have you read though the guide completely?:Total kc: Choose 1 of the 4 options for each rota...
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PvM Section

Vorago Learners List

Rotations: Never Done Before Beginner Intermediate Experianced Ceiling collapseDynakinAcrysius ScopulusDynakinAcrysiusVitalisDynakinAcrysius Green bombDynakinAcrysiusTeamSplitDynakinAcrysius♦ The End ♦DynakinAcrysius
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Thoms Introduction

Hello,23 old lad from Scandinavia. Working with IT Development.Played RuneScape for as long as I can remember. I believe I started playing my first own account when I was about 8-9 years old. So about 2004-2005.Been on and off. Was a "big" PvPer i...
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Accepted Advanced Applications

im spilly 2 banana to 3 banana

i got to aaas many event as i cani talk in cc as much as i can to keep it alive i know many roles on many bosses i have all t90 gear with t92 weapons have t99 mage prayer and working on t99 rangeim friendly and talk in discord im on everyday and w...
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General Chat

Rank up

I want to rank from 2 banana to 3 bannaa how do i do it?
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Accepted Advanced Applications

Application - Lapua

Joined 27th September 2018Most recent events (all submitted onsite):Corp IFB Mass 12/30/18KK Mass 1/4/19AOD Mass 1/6/19Mole IFB Mass 1/7/19KK Mass 1/11/19Weapons and Perks:, Auras, Prayers:
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Accepted Advanced Applications

Application - C M

Hi!Joined October 8, 2017Bipass the vouching with over 250m xp gained in-clan. Most recent events (all submitted onsite): AOD Mass 12/29/18DPS Event 1/3/19KK Mass 1/4/19AOD Mass 1/5/19KK Mass 1/11/19Weapons and Perks:htt...
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Re-gaining rank

Already member.RSN: Draak
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Drop/Personal Logs

Ermanzego's pvm story

Ermanzego's PvM Drop LogI will post here all high lvl boss drops i got since i joined Zer0.  I hope i'll manage to get 1 of each for Kk/Nex/Vorago/Rots/RaidsThe drops will be either cs or ffa, but will try to get them ffa (the msg in chat looks se...
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How to Screenshot

For anyone who doesn't know how to screenshot and make a link to it, this will be a step by step guide to doing it correctly and quickly.STEP 1Take screenshots. This can be done by clicking the 'Prt Sc/sys rq' button on your keyboard.You will need...
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dragondoggy introduction

Hey there I'm dragondoggy, im 30 and when I'm not out with my hounds or spending time with my family you can catch me afking slayer or bossing.Haven't really done much with clans as I was always focused hard on maxxing and juggling life but now I ...
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