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[Pinned] Post count game
Off topic / Forum Games

[Pinned] Post count game

Last one to post, wins.
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Off topic / Forum Games

[Pinned] Count to 10 before a leader posts

Title explains it basically.Post till #10. Resets if a leader posts.Good luck.Times beaten : 2
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[Pinned] Count to 1M
Off topic / Forum Games

[Pinned] Count to 1M

Person that posts the 1.000.000th post on this thread, gets a lifetime membership to Runescape.Good luck.
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PvM Section

[Pinned] Only Telos guide you ever need by Retro Reptar

Telos is a great way to meet eligible single ladies in your area cuz you're gonna be loaded as balls after you learn this boss. Also you'll get really good at PVM. Ok here we go.IntroTelos is a solo boss fought in four (and at 100% enrage five) ph...
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[Pinned] Wbs Spies - Kos List

Fouzan - Some enemy of clan member Isha who stalks her worlds 2 alts of fouzan both low lvl ( Rizzu and another almost similar spelling)Members of clan No Stake Zone (cpk) who guest and leave to find worlds to skull trick at chaos ele/ revs/ lava ...
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Re-gaining rank

Already member.RSN: Draak
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PvM Section

Vorago Learning Application

Before you apply please make sure you read though the Vorago In depth Guide Completely Copy and paste the questions below into a new reply on this thread Have you read though the guide completely?:Total kc: Choose 1 of the 4 options for each rota...
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Drop/Personal Logs

Ermanzego's pvm story

Ermanzego's PvM Drop LogI will post here all high lvl boss drops i got since i joined Zer0.  I hope i'll manage to get 1 of each for Kk/Nex/Vorago/Rots/RaidsThe drops will be either cs or ffa, but will try to get them ffa (the msg in chat looks se...
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How to Screenshot

For anyone who doesn't know how to screenshot and make a link to it, this will be a step by step guide to doing it correctly and quickly.STEP 1Take screenshots. This can be done by clicking the 'Prt Sc/sys rq' button on your keyboard.You will need...
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dragondoggy introduction

Hey there I'm dragondoggy, im 30 and when I'm not out with my hounds or spending time with my family you can catch me afking slayer or bossing.Haven't really done much with clans as I was always focused hard on maxxing and juggling life but now I ...
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Inactive / Leaving


Hi all. I'm going to be inactive in the upcoming 3 weeks. I won't be able to come online on weekdays, since I'll be in special training. Gotta start Monday morning at 4 AM, then come home on Friday evening. This for 3 weeks continuously. During th...
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Rules & Requirements

Highly Recommended Gear

The Following are not a requirement to join. But are highly recomended to have; Full Ancient Ceremonial Robes 200+ doses of Adrenaline & Prayer Renewal OR Replenishment & Supreme Overload Salves Onslaught Ability 500+ Dreadnips Enhanc...
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Drop/Personal Logs

Road to 60k Nex

So I'm not going to make a huge drop log post or anything. This will show the progress from today to whenever i get my 60,000th nex kill. I'll sell everything and turn it into spirit shards to see how much overall was made. Wish me luck. Every Tri...
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Mastor introduction

I'm Rutger also known as mastor/ttd 19 years old when writing this and I'm from the Neterlands.I 've been playing RuneScape since 2007-2008 and played mostly for pvp back in the day. I discovered pvming about 5 years ago, shortly after I first joi...
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PvM Section

Vorago In depth Guide

Vorago is located inside the borehole, located north of Falador. The entrance is only a short distance from the Falador loadstone. To get there u can simply home teleport to Falador or use the Max guild portal. Left clicking the instance will allo...
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Rules & Requirements

Requirements & Rules

Clan Skill level requirements- 137+ Combat- 99 Attack- 99 Strength- 99 Magic- 99 Ranged- 99 Defence- 99 Summoning- 95+ Prayer- 98+ HerbloreClan Gear RequirementsTo join Zer0 PvM you must show at least one item out of each set;Zaros Godsword OR Du...
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Drop/Personal Logs

Erman's Road to IFB

ERMANZEGO'S INSANE FINAL BOSS REQS- last update on 26/03/2017Personal Side Goal : Eddimu pet Side Goal : 200M Slayer Exp :  Currently 200,000,000 exp / 200m - Achieved on 6th August 2017
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Erwin Introduction

Hi there,New site, might as well start off with a new introduction :)I'm Erwin, I'm 28 years old (when writing this, last intro I made I stated I was 21..) and I'm from The Netherlands.I've been playing Runescape since 2004 and I've been in quite ...
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Drop/Personal Logs

Brb Expwaste drop log

Updated Mar 02, 2018 [Yaka Feats and unlocked Daredevil][ATN][Poison][Asphyx][Rewind] X57 :tem...
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PvM Section

Expwaste Raids

Full member rank (2 stripe in clan) requirement to join raids in my teams as new learnerThere will be gear check before raids. No tank armour pieces as dpserYakamaru Pools :Check this one first - Yakamaru video guide by junesong :
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