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Solak learner event

Deleted 4 months ago
Date: Jul 24, 2020 - switch instance
Time: 08:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly
Posted by: rr1
Category: PvM - Teaching
For everyone looking to learn solak with requirement of 180k+ tag on discord. All learners must have knowledge of defensives devotion, anticipation, freedom, debilitate, reflect and resonance and t90 shield augmented with turtling 3/4. MUST agree to stay for a full hour don't make the team waste auras - this applies to those looking for solak kills for reaper crew as well! Anyone willing to help with teaching solak - having 200k+ dpm tag and exp feel free to join


can we do an all solak learning weekend one of these days, i will be at work during the teaching sessions
@bruster70 if u wanna join you have to join discord I usualy announce with 24/16 hours before event and u have to type @rr1 in , in discord
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