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DPS Improvement Event

Date: Nov 21, 2019
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: Mezzi
Category: Tips, Tricks and Hints
♦ DPS Improvement Event - Thursday, November 21st

♦ Event Information/Specifications:

This event is made to improve your overall dps. The goal is to improve your rotation and getting comfortable with it. Getting 850k+ in 5 mins is good dps, managing 900k+ is great! Could even bang 1m with 4 tick auto attacking, which I could guide you with as well.

♦ Rules:

  • Examine must be on public.
  • No vulnerability - balances range and mage.
  • No onslaught - forces all damage onto rotation and off of just pressing a key.
  • No zealots necklace - too powerful and too niche.
  • No ancient magics - freeze combos with ice spells are too niche.
  • No auras - fairest option, we don't want everyone having to waste berserker auras to trial.
  • No familiar - they don't count toward gem anyway.
  • No enchanted bolts - gives range a huge advantage, added after the gem challenge was finalized, RNG dependant.
  • Chain/richochet must be used sparingly - by this I mean they must be used as they normally would be. As a last ability in your rotation.
  • Must attack one of the side dummies or spawn your own if you're using chain/richochet.
  • No Terrasaur Maul

♦ The following are ALLOWED:

  • Scrimshaw
  • Weapon poison
  • Overload
  • 100% adrenaline start
  • Cinderbane gloves
  • 4tAA/C4tAA/weapon switches
  • Prayer

♦ Tips and Tricks!

Any time you use a non-damaging ability you can sneak in an auto attack by clicking the spell! This includes when you sunshine and is a easy way to increase your damage!
Always use your buffing abilities before high damage abilities (thresholds etc), these include Concentrated Blast (+5% crit chance per hit on next ability), Sonic Wave (+6% accuracy on next ability), Needle Strike (+7% flat damage on next ability), Dazing Shot (-10% accuracy for target on next attack).
Using these buffing abilities, general rotations should be in 3s, Buffing ability>High direct damage ability>Low direct damage ability/bleed.
These plus other tips are included in Junesong's videos below.

♦ Example videos:

Dummy challenge 900k gem with no 4tAA/flanking/full manual by Saint Gher:
Dummy challenge 1m gem with 4tAA/flanking by Umbra:
Dummy challenge 903k gem with no 4tAA/flanking/tectonic/Sos by Groene Plant:
Magic DPS guide by Junesong:
Ranged DPS guide by Junesong:
Melee DPS guide by TheRSGuy:

It is entirely possible to hit 850k with t90s t95 prayer no flanking with a good rotation!

And also be on Discord!

♦ Date: - November 21st

♦ Time: - 21:00 Game-time

♦ Friends Chat: - Zer0pvmevent

♦ World: - 24

Thanks to Mezzi for hosting this event!


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