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Vorago 4Man Teaching Session

Date: Sep 14, 2019 - switch instance
Time: 04:00 PM
Posted by: flamewave 99
Category: Special Event
4Man Sessions: have the following light reqs:
  • Minimum 850k DPS Tag in respective style wanting to be used (Magic Preferred)
  • Minimum 50kc in NM Vorago

Discord is mandetory for the session.
In order to reserve your spot, the Waiting Room voice channel in the Zer0 discord will be unlocked prior to the session starting, I will give periodic announcements in Clan Chat on when this occurs, and you may join to reserve your spot.

Light reqs are standards that I've set in order to keep some formality and ensure that people come eager to learn and improve. If I see potential and capability in individuals who don't meet these reqs, I'll allow some leniency. In the same sense, if I find that individuals are coming to leech/get carried/are underperforming, I will ask that they review their fundamentals before returning. Everyone regardless of reqs are free to ask me as many questions on the boss as they like, whether that be mechanics, strategies, dps rotations, etc.

For those with really low kc I'd definitely recommend attending G1bbo's Vorago Teaching Event every Wednesday in order to get acquainted with the mechanics and phases. For in depth help with your dps rotations, check out Mezzi's DPS Improvement Events every Thursday. I'd also recommend 'Rago Pvm', an FC and discord dedicated to Vorago. I'm a Lieutenant with them so if you'd like you can ask me questions about them.

I'd like to emphasize that the purpose of these events will be to improve individuals at small team Vorago trips and make it so they're experienced enough in all roles to host their own Vorago teams. I'm going to do my best to teach optimal strategies to everyone who attends and get them up to speed in every role. If you're coming to leech and not try your best, I'd kindly ask you to refrain from attending.

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