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Drop/Personal Logs

Erman's Road to IFB

ERMANZEGO'S INSANE FINAL BOSS REQS- last update on 26/03/2017Personal Side Goal : Eddimu pet Side Goal : 200M Slayer Exp :  Currently 200,000,000 exp / 200m - Achieved on 6th August 2017
Small Ermanzego 30d
Ermanzego240Small Ermanzego 12d
Drop/Personal Logs

Brb Expwaste drop log

Updated Mar 02, 2018 [Yaka Feats and unlocked Daredevil][ATN][Poison][Asphyx][Rewind] X57 :tem...
Small Brb Expwaste 34d
Brb Expwaste470Small Brb Expwaste 24d
Drop/Personal Logs

Sai's Drop Log

Current progress - end up uploading everything over here at some point later.
Small Sai 30d
Sai117Small Sai 30d
Drop/Personal Logs

Filthydewa's Completed Drop Logs

Small Filthydewa 31d
Filthydewa228Small Filthydewa 31d
Drop/Personal Logs

Brb Expwaste Pets drop log

[Boss pets][Qbd pet][Kreearra pet][KBD pet][nex pet][Bandos pet]https://i.imgur....
Small Brb Expwaste 34d
Brb Expwaste122Small Brb Expwaste 34d
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